weigh in tommorow

i started lipo trim friday last week , have to go for weigh in tommorow afternoon , im finding cooking tea for the family really hard , i dont want chocolate or sweets , i want veg and proper food not sure if ive lost a big amount but still waiting for this ketosis to kick in and stop feeling hungry , :break_diet:this pink angel is really fed up today , x
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When you go for your weigh in I'm sure it will all be worth it. The cooking does get easier, not that that helps at the moment! Keep going, you're doing great! :)


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Hi Pink Angel :)

I started on Saturday and I also have to cook tea for my family and yes i'm tempted, but not enough to ruin my plan for a smaller me.

Just stay strong when you get the cravings and remember how much you want to lose weight.

We're all here to support one another, so keep reading the posts and keep posting to let us know how you're getting on.

Good luck with your WI tomorrow. :)

mrs bee

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oh hun 1st week is the worst, good luck tomorrow!!


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i find i love cooking now , just to see and smell it lol ,, it will get easier


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There are so many good weight losses on here. Started last Thursday and have my first weigh in tomorrow. I have no idea if I have gone into ketosis or not yet and scared stiff that I have only lost a pound after this horrible first week....hope it gets better from here. Have four stone to lose asap so that I can have an operation for gallstones.


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best of luck for tomorrow, my thoughts are with ya! It will get easier as time goes on and ya will defintely see the difference tomorrow.


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all the best with your wi


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Good Luck for you WI today. I have been buying my family stuff I am not that keen on for their teas and then taking myself off upstairs with the baby whilst they tuck in. Also, I squirt washing up liquid on leftovers just in case I am tempted by them!


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It will get easier soon hun...just stay strong,hope your WI is a good one!!! that will help spur you on....Caz xx
well ive lost 4lb , the lady who weighed me last week put me at 76 kg s and said this was 11 stone pharmasist said no 12 stone but am now 74 kg and my bmi has gone down from 28 to 27 , thought id have lost more than this to be honest , ohhh well onwards and upwards , hope for a better loss next week x


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Don't be down hearted, your BMI has dropped by one and that's great...the 4lbs off is 4lbs off so don't knock it.

Make sure you try and drink loads of water. :)


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2kg is a great loss well done. 2kg is 2 bags of sugar - try picking them up and it'll show you how much you have lost so far - it helps!

Cooking does get easier - honestly - I have to cook for my family and often bake cakes, cookies, muffins, brownies for them but have never once cheated in 30 weeks! I love baking and have bought loads of cooking books in that time! Like you I do crave healthy food most! Chopping carrots is the hardest - just one little slice!!!! But I don't. It isn't worth it.

Try hanging a photo of you that you really hate in the kitchen to encourage you to stick with it - worked for me!

Good luck for your next week.

hi all just a quick update , ive bought some digital scales today , havve just been weighed before i got in the bath , and have gone from 12 st 3 to 11 3 not bad in 9 days , im so please my clothes are starting to look baggy , wont be long till im in the 9s xx