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Weigh in tomorrow and know I've put on

I've had a rubbish week. My resolve has almost completely faded and I've gone over my sins everyday. I weighed on the wii this morning and I've put on at least 1lb.
I've been doing so well and had hoped to pick up my 1 stone shiny tomorrow (it was just 1lb away). Am really pee'd off with myself as I was so motivated. On Sunday I ate 6 digestives and 3 go ahead bars today I've eaten a peanut cereal bar and polished off my toddlers tea.
How do I get back on track? Any tips guys?
Exercise wise I'm still doing well with at least 5 intense sessions this week and I've walked at least 45 mins a day.
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Kristin is right - try to think positive. Your exercising has been amazing so you might not have struggled quite as much as you think :)

Draw a line under it and go back to basics next week.

Good Luck!!
I had been generally good this week and then weighed in on the wii with a sts a couple of days before weigh in. Felt a bit down after that and got a bit naughty with my syns. I got weighed yesterday and on the SW scales I had lost 4.5 lbs and netted SOTW!! I guess what i am saying is until you get on the SW scales you have no guarantees and even on weeks we don't do our best we still lose, especially with additional exercise as the syns are the same if you do five hours a day or none at all - so wait and see before getting too despondant.

As for how to get back on it, perhaps you need to have a conversation with yourself. What is going to make you happier; a smaller size or a couple of extra cereal bars? The exercise is hard, why waste the effort by then not fueling your body with what it needs? You will only get out from this what you put in + every other cliche in the book!

Just looking at your stats and we started off in the same sort of place and you are doing really well, you are well on track for your target so whatever the scales say this week all you need to get there is to be back on it 100% from here on in :)
Dont weigh yourself at home!!! :) We have all done it but its really better if you dont!! You might be pleasently suprised...and if you have had a gain, you know why, so draw a line and you will be fine :) xx


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I've found that the Wii is one of the least accurate scales you could use. Mine told me I'd lost 12lbs (impossible) and then 2 days later said I'd gained 4lbs. So, very inaccurate.

I'd wait and see what tomorrow brings. I ate WAY over my syns last week, through alcohol and a BBQ, yet I still lost 2lbs. Just wait and see, and if you do gain, remember it's not the end of the world. Week before last I gained 3lbs, and normally I'd think 'sod it' and eat whatever - but if you keep at it, you'll see the results you want.

Best of luck xxxx


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i was in exactly the same boat. had lost 13lb in total.. was hoping for my sticker but lost the plot somewhere and gained 1lb at tonights WI. I have gotten back on track by just filling up on fruit for the first half of that day and writing off the gain as a distant memory. Im glad i have had my wi as it is now in the past. fill up on your free foods and keep yourself busy and you will start to feel better, Im sure. good luck xxxx
We talked about this in group last night as someone who had been really determined to lose enough to get her next sticky had a gain.

In the group chat it came out that she had done calorie counting instead of the SW diet and so in all probability did not eat enough.

Another lady stayed the same and said she had had no syns an so was expected a good loss. Without exception, everyone who lost had eaten their syns.

The Wii could well be wrong or maybe it just a week to write off and then get back on plan 100% this coming week. What is done is done. Set out to do one day 100% following the plan and go from there. baby steps. :)
You were all right. I lost 1lb in the end. I guess that the exercise is makin a difference and I the SW diet is deceiving in that you don't have to be hungry whereas I tend to be hungry all the time on other diets!
Need a kick up the bum for next week. I'm getting closer to having to go back to work and want to get back into those size 18's.

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