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weigh in tonight

Well, today will be my first week of slimming world. I have to get weighed tonight but to be honest I'm not looking forward to it! We went for a meal on Friday night and other than this I have stuck to it every day. i got on my scales a the day before yesterday and it said i had put 2 lb on?????

i have had both red and green days so lots of variety. munching loads of fruit (took me to trumpton though, I feel really bloated!)

I'm dreading it!:(
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Queen of the Damned
Good luck Curlygirl - wishing you all the best ;)


Addicted to Minimins
Good luck curlygirl keep us informed. If it helps I weighed myself 2 days ago and had put on 1Lb but when I weighed myself this morning I had lost 5.5Lbs:confused:. Those silly scales just have a sonia magnet on them and pull me in everytime I walk past.:scale:
Hi girls! I'm glad i'm not the only one being a slave to the scales - I weigh myself twice a day!! Once in the morning - first thing and then after i've been to the gym each evening. My weight loss is very slow, I lost four the first week, then i've been losing a pound a week ever since and it's driving me nuts!!! I'm 150% on the diet too - never stray from it - Just wish it would speed up a bit!! I have about another stone to a stone and half to get rid of - not decided exactly how much yet - just depends what I look like when I hit my "possible" goals!!!

Anyone got any suggestions for speeding the loss up on slimming world? I eat speed foods already, strawberries, rasberries, quorn sausages in abundance and mullers!! Not sure what else I can do! All suggestions greatly received! Isn't there something with slimming world that restricts what you have for a week, just to speed things up? If anyone knows, culd they let me know asap as I get weighed tomorrow and I could ask my consultant for it! She's fab - very supportive and says that a pound a week is fine!

Can I suggest you cut down on Mullers I know they are free but they still have calories and I do realise SW say you can eat as much free food as you like but I still like to watch the amount of calories I eat. Just a suggestion, hope that helps
me 2 im really nervous

i really hope you get a good result, let us know! xxx
lost 0.5 pound!!! gutted!

I paid my money again and she weighed me and that was it. There was no-one there for the image therapy thingie, I feel like I am being robbed of my money!!!

I didn't even get the password!!!

Is anyone else's group like this?


Queen of the Damned
At least you lost honey but sending you some :hug99: I don't know what the groups are like cos I am doing it online. Sorry you feel so let down :(


Addicted to Minimins
Awww dont be dissapointed with the loss at least its in the right direction keep up the great work:). The password is chicken this week.


Queen of the Damned
Thanks for the new password. :thankyou:
thanks for the password. I know it is in the right direction but i was just a bit gutted it was only half a pound. Wish I felt like my money was worth it too. If I lost a bit more I wouldn't be as bothered about the group being naff!:sigh:
hiya curlygirl, dont give up hope, it was your first week i think you said so it might take a while for your body to get used to a new way of eating. try to make sure you're drinking enough water - 2ltrs a day, 2.5 if you're doing green and see if it makes you feel less bloated.

good luck hun :)
Hi, have drank loads of liquid today and thanks for all your support!

I must say, I feel really disheartened and last night, I rebelled, I grabbed the phone and rang the chinese! so i guess I'm not gonna lose anything this week either!:(

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