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2lb lost this morning.
I am not hugely impressed as it is much lower than my average loss but I was on 790 and am going back on SS as from today.
I feel really rubbish this morning bad ears and a bad headache so dont wanna go to work
Happy to hear about your loss especially after you seem to have enjoyed 790 this week. You should do really well too after another week SSing I hope all goes well and you are already feeling better this morning.

Dizzy x
2lbs is still brill, hun!! You're doing soooo well! Chin up - pull a sickie and spend all day relaxing and pampering yourself!! I would lol!
I hope you get better soon its horrid isnt it I was like you last week.I drank extra water and felt better in 3 days usually it lasts 6+.
Well done on the 2 lbs thats fab and look at the big picture you have done so fantastically :D