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  1. dietwizzard

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    Hi all,

    Hope your all doing fine.

    I havn't been on all week as ive been a little down about my weigh in, at my CDC weigh in last week it seemed i had lost 10lbs which was fantastic to say the least, on the same day i started Cd i weighed myself in Boots which came up as the same weight as my CDC's scales but when i weighed myself a week later in Boots on the same day as my CDC 1st weigh in it only came up as a 5lb loss now i know 5lb is a brill loss but which scales are correct?? i have been so down about this that i havn't been taking my shakes and filling up on junk food but as yet havn;t put anything on but i really want to break this cycle and get back on the diet again, each day i say today's the day but by tea time im stuffing my face with crap!!! I alway's weighed myself previously in Boots and it was alway's accurate but i just can't seem to get the descrepency of the 5lbs out of my head, as yet i havn't got back in touch with my CDC as im wary of her scales now!! HELP! what do i do? any advice would be appreciated and also feel free to give me a kick up the j-lo as i seem to have completely lost the plot!!

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    Forget the scales and be guided by how your clothes feel, if you stick to SSing you must lose weight, be it 5lb this week or 10lb it doesn't matter in the long term. You will be getting smaller regardless of the number on the scales and you mustn't forget that fluid weighs loads. I think I read that 1lt can weigh 2lb+ so with all the fluid we have on CD it's bound to show a fluctuation on the scales.

    Choose your scales and stick with just the one set. Get back on track and you'll soon be disappearing before your eyes!

    Good luck
  4. chicken on a mission

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    Hi Dietwizzard.

    Right you have reached crunch time. :(

    I KNOW from experience that doing a VLCD will mean that you ARE losing FAT no matter what the scales are telling you. If you are taking in less calories than your body needs then this is a certainty. What you may have found is that you are retaining water.

    I KNOW that I can be 6lbs - yes I did say 6lbs - different in the morning to late evening. :eek:

    It is time to come to terms with the fact that anybody can diet successfully when all is going well but that is not the time that you need to worry about, what you do need to think about is how to deal with the tough times.

    Think about it, the tough times are FAR out weighed by the days where you can just cruise through.

    It is how you deal with the tough times that will determine your outcome on this diet.

    Your focus has to be on how to get through, you must try not to focus on reasons why you should eat.

    For many of us, emotional eating is one of the reasons why we have a weight problem now. NOW is your chance to challenge that behaviour and put into place some coping mechanisms.

    Not only will doing this allow you to lose weight successfully but it will also place you in a far better place to keep the weigh off once you have lost it ;)

    Now try to draw a line under your blip and think NOW about things you can do to avoid your trigger times, situations and foods until you find yourself in a position where you have found and alternative way of dealling with the stresses and strains of life without using the self destruct method of food ;)

    You CAN do this and you DESERVE to do this so time to do some head work and tailor make a rescue package for the next time you feel tempted. :D
  5. jazzy

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    Hi Tracie

    I think it is important that you stick to the same set of scales each week. They all vary so much. I recently went to my GP's and told him about the diet and he asked if he could weigh me as I hadn't allowed them to do it for 12 years. When I got on his scales they showed me at nearly a stone lighter than my CDC's ones. I did jump on my scales at home to check and although they were not identicle they showed roughly the same as my CDC's so I am sticking with hers. I wish it was my GP's though!!!!!!!!!
    5lbs is excellent and the rest will follow just as quickly. Keep at it and jump back on the CD train.

    You can do this.

    Jazzy xx
  6. dietwizzard

    dietwizzard Regular Member

    Hi all, Thanks so much for your reply's and as usual you are all correct! i have to get the scales senario out of my head it's alway's been a downfall for me but to have a 5lb difference was a big thing i know it shouldn't be but it's something i can't help

    I weighed myself today (in boots:confused:)and i have put on 1 lb so much for no weight gain! but it's only a pound so it's not too bad.

    Jazzy i have made my mind im going to stick to one pair of scales my CDC's! as i know in the past weighing myself at boots can show a 4 or 5lb difference to my weight within 24 hours.

    Chicken your so right when you say it's how you deal with the tough times that determines the outcome, that's soo true.

    Cheb going by how my clothes feel was such a buzz because i really did feel that i had lost about 10lbs until i went to boots im barring myself from there from now on!!!

    So thanks again guys your words of encouragement really do make a difference.

  7. zareena

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    Tracie..well done on the loss.. be it 5lbs or 10lbs! I think you should only stick to one set of scales and to be honest I think it should be your CDC's.. Don't let the fact that the boots scales say you've lost 5lbs even though you expected 10 be a reason for you to throw the towel in. Get back on track.. you're still losing the weight either way! :)
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