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Weighed down no more!

S: 80.7kg C: 78.9kg G: 63.5kg BMI: 27.2 Loss: 1.8kg(2.25%)

Hopefully one day and not too far in the distant future, you will live up to your name and be full of joy and see and the love the same woman that you lovely husband sees and loves.

So glad you have decided to start a diary on here and I will be checking in on you, hope you don't mind :)

Please don't be put off by people losing more then you one week, even if they have been naughty/off plan, because there is weeks where they will gain or STS and you will still be chipping away it your weight.

WELL DONE ON YOUR WEIGHTLOSS SO FAR, that is awesome and I have everything crossed that you get you 1st sticky!

I have only been going for 4 weeks and wi far lost 3.5lb so I get disappointed nearly every week even though I do stick to plan, but I dont have too much to lose so maybe that is why, but also I have been inconsistent with my weigh in times so I shouldn't expect it to be great I suppose...one thing for sure, if I am having a bad day I come on here and loads of people snap me out of it :)

Wish you lots of luck on your journey, I am sure you will be amazing and can't wait to see how you get along each week.


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C: 17st7lb G: 11st0lb
Awhhhh thanks so much krazikayzi for the welcome and words of encouragement. Good luck to you on your journey too. We will do this .... We will!
C: 17st7lb G: 11st0lb
Wool hoooo had 2.5lb off last night which I was absolutely thrilled about. This has made my loss 1st and half a pound ..... Great to get the first stone off. I am a fifth of the way there! Feeling upbeat about my result as used more syns this week than any other week (60syns)! Even though I feel guilty about eating any syns it is becoming obvious that they are needed to make the plan work which I won't complain about but don't think I will go over 60 syns.

My eats yesterday were ok. I wasn't feeling to well in the morning so skipped breakfast. In the afternoon I had some fruit, still was feeling yucky. After the weigh in I had pasta with chicken and bacon with philadelpha stirred through it but only had a tiny bowl. Later in the evening I was the starving with hunger so used my hea and heb and had bran flakes and milk for supper with some raspberries.

Starting this week off to a good start ... Had muller light and a big bowl of fruit for breakfast, planning on pasta n sauce with baked beans for lunch and cous cous with vegetables for dinner and snack on fruit and 2 alpine light as my hea.

At group we were chatting a lot about body magic, I do no exercise whatsoever. When I joined I asked the importance Of exercising and was told it will increase my loss by 24lb only. I hate exercise so decided to concentrate on my food but now have second thoughts. Someone in my class had a really bad weekend eats wise but walked every day and lost 6lb when they were expecting to see a gain as they went way over their syns. We concluded that the walking must have been what done it. They were walking 3miles a least a day and some days 6 weeks. Last night I went for a walk in the lashing rain, at times I couldn't even see for rain running down my eyes ... Very unpleasant.

I do want to keep exercising but will do it indoors, hate getting cold and wet so am going to get the wii fit going and jump on the exercise bike too. I can only manage 10mins on the bike but will do my best. I am planning on doing some kind of exercise daily now even if it is doing the free step for an hour on wii fit. I am contemplating getting the rumba fr the wii fit. Wonder how hard it is to do? I have no sense of beat!

So that were I am today .... Concentrating on getting some body magic to see if it makes any difference thus week ... Here's hoping.

Hope you are all waking up to a determined healthy day too.

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