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Weighing mid week

Just want to know does anyone weigh themselves at home mid week? Do u think it's a no no or does it keep u on track?

I weighed myself at home today and seems I've out on I have used quite a few weeklies so could it be from that? If that's the case I don't get how it works having weeklies and still loosing weight :s
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I have a sneaky peek sometimes, but because out bodies change so much throughout the week it's not always accurate. One week it said I put on half a pound, and I'd actually lost 3!
It depends on how it affects you. I weigh myself often, I find it interesting how much your weight fluctuates during the week. Some people get disheartened when they have put on mid week and end up going off track. If it affects u like that its best not to weigh yourself at home. Also WW scales are usually different to yours at home mine weigh me 5lb more.
I jumped on my mums last week, it was weigh in day though and it put my at 0.5 more than WW ones. I used to be obsessed with weighing myself but now I don't have any of my own it doesnt really bother me!
I weigh myself just before I go to class on a Tuesday so I know what to expect. My scales weigh 5lb more than the ones at the meeting so I can work it out.
i weigh often through curiosity more than anything, as it's strange how you're weight goes up and down in a week.

agree with leighforty if it affects you negatively then don't weigh until weigh in day.

i'm nearly always a couple of pounds up after weigh in day and then it's up and down until WI.
I weigh myself everyday but it's out of curiosity more than anything. I don't let what I see get me down as it changes a lot but sometimes if I'm not doing as well as I expected it spurs me on to do a bit more exercise or something but I'm quite laid back about it.
I also weigh myself every day. As soon as I get up, after being to the loo. It gives me an incentive to either work harder if it's not changing or gone up, or gives me a boost to keep going if I feel like a binge if things are going well!

But if you weigh yourself when you first get up one and at bed time a few days later than it will be inaccurate as the food you eat makes you heavier before it is digested. So you should do it with an empty stomach

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