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Weighing more on a diet! HELP ME PLZ :(

Everytime this year I put on about 3/4st over my natural weight. I am a big girl who comes from a big family! I am currently 14stone and a size 12top and a size 16bottom and my normal weight is 10/11stone size 8top and a size 12bottom!

Normally I wouldn't care and I would wait until I got back to college and start up my dance and drama again but recently my bf is thretening to leave me because my weight is just getting higher and higher! Also now I have new friends and they are same age as me but they will weigh 8st or below and are a size 6/8 and 10.

I know I am naturally big but ever since I've started college I feel really crap about my appearence and now with bf having a go and recent people from college laughing about how "fat" I am I decided to go on a diet..

But its not working since I have been on it I have put on over another Stone going from 12st6lbs upto 14st, thats with excersing everyweekend, travelling 30 miles by bike saturday and sunday and eating salads.. no choclate, no sweets, no takeaaway, but it still isn't working?

My mum is 19st, my sister is 17st and my brother is 17st, I am now 17 nearly 18 soon and I can't do anything to get the weight off when normally it is easy! Is it because it runs in my family? My mum and brother didnt start gaining weight until they were past there teens..

Please help me!

I want to shift this weight and I will do anything! Soz for it being so long...

xx Bubzy xx
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Oh honey. You sound all stressed. And that's probably not the best state of mind to be in.

I can't tell you the answer (becuase I'm still looking for it) but I know that I'm keeping a food diary and that is really helping me to think about what I'm eating and doing and also in preparing me for challenges like going out with friends.

Well done for taking responsibility and action. Make sure that you eat but eat sensibly (don't put your body into starvation mode by not eating enough). Take it steady and your body will respond but don't be disheartened if it is not as quick as you hoped or if you stay the same or even gain a pound one week. One slip-up is not the end (that is really hard for me to say btw I’m such an all or nothing girl!)

Good luck and keep posting. Minimins will inspire you and also support you. x


Personal Trainer
Oh hun, you do sound upset! :hug99:

Well first off i would give your bf a slap :whoopass: he isnt helping matters, does he know how much he is hurting?? :mad:

You should make today the first day of your new life.....forget what you used to be...accept what you are now..and decide to change from here. If thats what you really want.

Do yourself a new thread on here, with your weight/height/BMI and start from there.

Set yourself a goal, a realistic one, and take it one step at a time :)

we are all here for you :grouphugg:
oh your bf doesnt sound very nice!!! if you have lost weight before like me you might find it comes off more slowly, if your not loosing weight by diet and exercise then maybe you should see your GP or maybe something like portion size is effecting the weight. I hope you find an answer soon good luck, oh and also being below 8 stone is unhealthy not many 13 year olds weigh as little as that!
A cry from the heart, if ever there was one.

I took Drama and Theatre Studies at college last year. In September I begin BA Honours Community Arts: Theatre Practice. Like you I found that everyone on my course last year was not only thin but -worse! - way less than half my age!

I am size 14 but used to be 20st 7lbs (no idea what size I was at that point) and I've somehow managed to maintain for 9 years and have during the past two years or so come to a position where I seem to be losing half or one whole size per year. Achingly slow but much better than gaining.

The Performing Arts, especially dance, demand a certain body image and can be a cruel workplace for anyone with weight issues.

When my weight gets stuck I do Atkins for a month or so. Or I try 1,250 cals or more for two days followed by 950-1000 cals for the next two days, then back to 1,250, until I see decent results. I read on this site that you can do the same kind of thing with Weight Watchers points - a bit like the Johnson Upday, Downday diet only more structured?

Dance is strenuous so you don't want to be starving, no matter how tempting this may seem. It may be that you simply need to reduce portions, or to eat more early in the day and less late in the evening (we all get hungry at night!).

Either way don't despair. A 15-20 minute dance workout first thing, after you get up and before eating, can work wonders on a sluggish metabolism. The trick is to do it daily. Even ten brisk minutes boogying to your fave tunes can get your energy burning mechanism revved up.

Good luck hun, and above all, don't give in. You will find something that works for you. xx


Personal Trainer
Oh totty's reply is better than mine! lol. I think I'll take her advice too. And I'm loving the smileys. x
LOL i love my smilies :D

hun, if you really are desperate, i am a fitness instructor, i can only guide you, but its a start, maybe the start you need x

let me know, dont despair:hug99:
obviously you need to try another approach to weight loss. try a lcd diet or a gi diet.
the bf sounds not so great!
good luck hun

Good luck hunnie. I'm starting slimming world tonight so perhaps you'd like to join me and we'll do it together.
Try to ignore the boyfriend as he sounds like he's only going to smash your self confidence (no offense).
Good luck hunnie x x
I'm getting on ok hunnie. Its a bit slower than slim fast but I'm finding that its much easier to stick to.
Weighed myself at home this morning and i'm 10st 11lb (however thats in the morning without clothes so i'll be 2lb heavier than that in club weighing in).
It could be that you are due on? Either way stick at it hunnie and it can only go on way in the long term :)
Also it could be that your first big weight loss was partly water, but that still means you've lost 3lb of fat.
Hope it continues to go well for you hunnie. (I'm sticking to green days personally because I find them easier to stick to as a beginner).

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