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Weighing myself in the first week...not good!

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Hi all,
Just asking for some advice. I am in the middle of a lot of medical investigations as I have been quite ill in the last few weeks. I recently spent a week in hospital with blood pressure of 248/148 and my kidneys had stopped working. I have done slimming world a few times before and always lose the first couple of stones easily.
I am 5 days into the plan and have lost nothing. Normally I eat quite badly, big canteen lunches, dinner out 4 times a week etc. but I have been very good.
I am on several tablets that increase appetite and hinder weightloss, and was warned on discharge from the hospital of this. Am still waiting for test results so at the moment have started slimming world again to try and get some weight off in case I need an operation. They currently think I have Cushings Syndrome, which yes, you guessed it, makes it hard to lose weight. Does anyone have any advice on how best to lose weight when there are quite a few barriers to weightloss at the moment?
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Sorry i dont have any real advice, but try not to weigh mid week! It is 'official' weigh in that counts :) x
S: 18st0.5lb C: 17st0.5lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 37.4 Loss: 1st0lb(5.54%)
Thanks for the reply. I know I shouldn't weigh myself in the week, but I normally show a substantial loss after 5 days. I weighed myself at the same time as weighin and my diet is very regular.
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Wow, that is some extra stress on you at the mo - I hope you get an answer soon so you can get any help you require.
With regards to losing weight it is still possible. I'm on the depo contraceptive injection and during any 3 month period they tell you to EXPECT to put on 5lbs, when I'm on a good week I tend to lose 2-3lbs but the problem I seem to have is that I either have an amazing week or a small gain (not including the last few weeks when I haven't been on track). I went to the doctors a few months back and she was amazed that I had lost 10lbs in a month despite only just having the injection.
I think the reason medications/conditions may make you gain weight is purely because they increase your appetite but the beauty of slimming world is that it gives you the tools to eat as much as you need to eat.

My trick is to eat 'stodgy' foods such as sw fish and chips, spaghetti bols and steak during weeks when my appetite increases (the week or 2 after I get my jab) No matter what happens, as my consultant explain yesterday, weight loss is the simple science of burning more calorie than you're eating and sw just gives you the tools to calorie count without calorie counting - if that makes sense.......
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I have chucked my scales out, I founf myself weighing in the middle of the night if I needed the toilet, not good.
Now I only weigh once a week in SW xx
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trust in the plan hun, only weigh yourself on weigh day as suggested above.

although meds and medical conditions can make it more difficult to lose weight it is still possible and you'll find your medical status whill change with the weight loss

don't compare this time losing weight to other times when you have lost weight, each time we do it our bodies will react differently, think of this as a fresh start and set yourself mini goals over a time period of a no less than a month, taking into account your monthly cycle

idreamslim is right, SW gives you tools to deal with increased appetite and I assume that you're on some steroid therapy too which will increase this

relax into the plan and look at the big picture, you'll get there

ps I also have been known to weigh myself in the night if I get up for the loo.....


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You do have a few hurdles with everything going on, really hope all the investigations help find out whats going on and will get you feeling better soon

You say you eat quite badly, so IMO don't worry about weight loss at this time, know that sw will give you a healthy balanced way of eating which beats the pants of what you have been eating. Enjoy that good food will make your hair shiny, skin look better, and I am sure your body will benefit by getting some good nutrients, your weight loss will come, maybe not straight away, possibly slowly but if you continue to eat like you were you can nearly guarantee your weight will increase


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Bah, I weigh myself every time I go to the bathroom haha. I seem to put on a couple of pounds from breakfast to dinner every day.
It's not important. Your legit weigh-in will tell all :D

I hope you feel better soon, and find some solution to your weight loss problem :S
S: 18st0.5lb C: 17st0.5lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 37.4 Loss: 1st0lb(5.54%)
It seems I was worrying about nothing. 6.5lb loss. So am quite pleased. Thanks though x


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S: 14st0lb C: 9st0lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 23 Loss: 5st0lb(35.71%)
Quite pleased! I would have been ecstatic lol would take me weeks and weeks to lose that :) what a great start, well done!

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