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  1. linzi_lou

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    hi, why does that weight never come from where you want it to? i have lost nearly three stone, slowley over a couple years i have dropped a dress size i am 9.10 at the mo my mini goal is 9.7 then think ill go to 9 for my next goal and see how i feel, but it dosnt seem to shift from my thigh/bum /hip area obviously a bit must of cause ive dropped a dress size, but it dosnt seem to be noticible, my thighs are really big and i love for my love handles to shrink!

    i go to the gym started at least 3 times a week but due to uni and assignments/work i just went when i could for the past around 3 months but im back to goin at least 3 times now im not under so much pressure with uni and im goin on hol end of august.
    my friend thinks that the gym will make me build muscle and bulk my thighs out more? im not sure i thought i would burn fat off, i go on the treadmill-fast uphill walking, cross trainer level 3, stepper level4-7, wave machine level 4 rower and this thing for my arms and sum sit-ups i thought just doing carido would burn fat and maybe i could do some light weights sometimes, i usually spend an hour each time i go although ill occasionally go for a swim aswell.

    any ideas?

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    Dont listen to your friend! It might build up muscle but itll help tone you up. Cant see your thighs muscling out to the extent they bother you unless you do some serious amount of exercise :)
  4. linzi_lou

    linzi_lou Full Member

    ok ill keep going with it and see what heppens thanks!
  5. hottot

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    the trick is to use variety....try a circuits class the machines arent that great as your body becomes used to the momentun..to burn fat on ure ass you have to do excersize which targets these areas in new ways....try measuring ure inches too and do them once a week if your inches arent coming dwn then it proves the point that your excersize isnt effective...even running on the machine for a minute flat out then powerwalking for 4mins and alternating this will shock the thighs!!!!!
  6. SiobhanVon

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    Hey linzi lou! Welcome x You friend is wrong- as a woman you would have to be lifting weights often and doing a certain amount of reps to build any kind of bulky muscle. But on the upside there are certain types of exercise you can do to lose weight successfully from the lower body. One of those things is running...I know running is not to everyone's taste but on the treadmill or outside, with music or without...you might get to like it! Also pilates and yoga can tone and tighten flabby thighs x As for the waist and love-handles yoga can help that too but what I have found to be most successful with that is some kind of boxercise, or the tae bo move where you are punching with the right arm to the opposite shoulder and vice versa quickly...you can do this anywhere, in your house in front of the tv even! :)
  7. linzi_lou

    linzi_lou Full Member

    thanks for all of your replys, hottot think i might try thr variety thing, really dont feel like going the gym todau, been 3 times this wek so far, i no i should go
  8. Bananas

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    Ithink I'm losing weight from my hands and feet. Seriously
  9. SiobhanVon

    SiobhanVon Silver Member

    I'm losing weight in my mind!!! Keep thinking about all the clothes I want but am saving the losing wallet-weight until I lose some from my actual body... ;)
  10. paula 36

    paula 36 Gold Member

    Hi lovey ,welcome and good luckxx
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