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Weight coming off but not the inches..any tips?

Hello all...

Well despite a slow start and some very bad weeks (3 in a row!!) and absolutely no cheating whatsoever..the weight is starting to come off.
I'm in week 11 now and have lost 3st 1.5lbs...so I'm delighted with that so far (hoping my bad weeks won't make a re-appearance!!).

However...I don't seem to be getting slimmer!! I know this sounds ridiculous but my clothes still fit and I don't look thinner...I've still got all the weight around my tummy that I had before (that's the bit I really want to get off...the waist and hips!!)...

Any ideas as to how I can increase the inch loss and trim down into smaller sizes?? SURELY after 3 stone I'd be starting to see the stomach decreasing!!!...

I've got about another 3 stone to go but I think if it carries on like the last 3 stone I won't be much thinner...I expected to be half the person I was if I lost 6 stone!!

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Hi ScotsNat,
Don't worry about it, I have found that all of a sudden the fat just sort of drops off. You look down and its not there. It seems to come off in chunks, at least it has for me.

Have you not had your measurements done yet. Ask your LLC to do them and you will be astonished at how much has really come off. If it is a little bit all over you may not have noticed it too much.

I have lost 14.5 inches off my waist. I was amazed as it didn't seem like that much.

Actually when I think about it it was the last stone that seems to have made a huge difference, and I have 5.5 to 6 stones to lose.

Well done on your loss and for keeping on with it.

Thanks Claire...I had my measurements done about 3 weeks ago so probably come down another stone since then but was surprised to learn I'd only dropped 5.5" off the bust, 4" off the waist and 4" from the hips..I expected it to be a bit more than 4"...
Hoping when I get them done again I'll be down a good bit more seeing as it's another stone off...
When I think I'm 3 stone off what I weighed when I was like 15 yrs old and I was a very comfortable size 14 then (sometimes a 12), I can't see myself being that size again even being that weight if it makes sense? If I could be a 14 comfortably again I'd be delighted.


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Your measurements will have shifted since you were last at different weights - that's true - but I went through phases where the scales were moving bit the tapemeasure just wasn't budging and then 5 days later after 20 days of staying the same suddenly 2 inches would be gone off my waist. There is no rhyme or reason to it, I'm afraid - when your body is good and ready to let go of the inches and the weight it will.

I don;t know anyone who hasn;t stuck to this who hasn;t made it to a comfortable 14 - you're in very good company. I almost didn't buy a size 14 skirt for £5 in the sale at the beginning because I looked at it and thought 'never' if you had told me that I would have to throw it away because it just falls off now that I have size 8 hips I would have fainted from shock!
Also - don't forget the internal fat that has disappeared. Your internal organs will be thankign you for the weight loss even if your waist measurement seems disappointing.

Try on clothes in smaller sizes to see. I have clothes that I used to wear before that still fit now BUT I think that's because they were stretchy and now they hang. I was a dress size 22 and I'm wearing a Next size 16 shift dress today!

I'm not going to chuck out the bigger stuff that still fits for the hell of it. But I do need to know that I fit smaller sizes too.


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Go on I dare you to try on a few smaller sizes in the shops.

If you think about it, the difference between clothes sizes in terms of inches isn't that big.

I've got into size 12 today and thought I was stooopid even trying them on, and I would have bought a size 14 had I had the kids with me, but no - they fit. You just need to get your head around that those inches willhave made a diference
I'm worried about trying smaller sizes incase I'm bitterly disappointed and they don't fit...
I think I'll hold off til I come back from my hols (off to Greece for 2 weeks next Wednesday) and have my measurements taken again..then I'll head off to the shops and try for myself!!
Hi Scotsnat

I just want to agree with everyone else on here; there's some great advice. As Sarah says, sometimes it's inches, sometimes it's the scales - but with your amazing weight loss (which I think yours is BTW!), the fat will be going from somewhere. As Sandra says, you might just not be able to see it.

Are you exercising?

Anyway, what can I say? Keep the faith; bet you wouldn't have thought you could lose this much weight in such a short space of time? But you have!! The same will happen with the sizes.

Take care and have a great holiday.

Mrs Lxxxxxxx
Hey Scotsnat
Ditto to all of the above. It's a very weird process. I lost 6" per thigh in a very short space of time and the tape measure hasn't budge now for 6 weeks!! But other areas are catching up and finally - finally - that bit under the bust is finally making for the door. This has been the slowest area for me to go, but it is definitely going.
It does seem to move in rapid chunks after staying pretty stable for a while. No idea why!
Yesterday I tried on a dress - took in the 16 to the changing room and laughed out loud, it was like a mini marquee on me! The 14 was marginally better, the 12 fitted and then I thought 'actually - I don't really like it', and skipped out of the shop. Buying stuff based on whether it really suits you as oppose to it just fits you is a weird one :D

And never forget that at some stage the inches will be flying off and the scales will be on a go-slow...again, I can't find an explanation for that either!

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