Weight different morning to evening...


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first weigh in tomorrow... feeling nervous... been on and off home scales like a yo yo - they seem to vary so much depending on time of day! i weighed in at 13.10 on tuesday... scales have shown anything between 13.0 and 13.5... anyone else have huge fluctuations depending on time of day???
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Scales do vary depending on the time of day!! That's why we get weighed at the same time each week, on the same scales - it's about as consistant as you can get.
Keep off your scales, just get on once if you need to check but don't keep checking!


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S: 13st13lb C: 13st13lb G: 9st7lb Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
just read the experiment... very interesting... think im going to pop the scales away... :) i have been good this week and my clothes feel slightly looser... i will report back tomorrow morning and give the official news... hoping for a fairly good loss as its my first week!


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Yes I agree, everyone varies across the day so you're definitely not alone on that. It's like they say you should shop for shoes in the afternoon because your feel swell during the day and will be bigger.