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Weight Fluctuations


Wants to be slim :)

Now, I know that it is normal for your body's weight to fluctuate throughout the day due to various factors, and the average being between 3 to 5lbs a day BUT my weight fluctuates by about 7lbs - sometimes even 8lbs by evening...!!

This seems a lot to me, and of course is always disheartening!! Makes me question my true weight.

Does anyone else have this problem?
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I don't becca but my hubby does LOL he always as clockwork weighs between 7-10 pound different at night from the morning , a body builder (by trade if ya like) so don't know what difference that makes but I go up 3 pounds at night

7 seems alot LOL but prob normal for others too!!!!


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I always go by my morning weight after a wee too ;) x
Me too! I am usually about 5lbs heavier in the evening!

Which is why I chose a morning weigh in with my CDC!
well can you explain this to me. I weighed myself yesterday morning and had lost 3lb from Saturday and then this morning i had put that 3lb back on BUT i aint broke the diet or bliped or anything like that and i only weight myself in the morning after i go the loo. So yesterday having been to see my CDC at 5pm i was really happy i had lost 4lb, to find out this morning i have just put 3lb of that 4lb on over night :( How? Why? ~sobs~

It's just too disheartening!!! My scales have been hidden (by my very supportive hubby) So I can't weigh myself between weigh ins lol!


Wants to be slim :)
lol Tasha - I just don't think there is any explanation - hence why it is best to weigh yourself on a weekly and not daily basis!!

Like you, weigh in Monday i weighed 12'2....
This morning, 12'7....

It's a bit of a joke but fingers crossed our bodies sort themselves out for next WI day!!
yep, I'm the same, at my last wi I'd weight myself on my scales in the morning and by evening on cd scales I'd put on 4 lb! (they were the same last time but both wi were in the morning) I was so upset I came home and ate a bar of chocolate! :cry: and knocked myself out of ketosis :cry:
the things we do...i have 2 sets of scales (both in my kitchen...2remind me when i fancy a blip!) & weigh myself at least every day. The most i fluctuate morn 2 eve is 8lbs the average is about 4lbs even if ive eaten diddly squat all day!
I fluctuate about 3-4lbs during the day as well. I find myself moving the scales to various parts of the bathroom to get it down lb or 2!!
I also weigh in the morning after a wee and anyhting else I can squeeze out!!!:sick0019:
that sounds so familiar moving the scales around the room to find the best place to make yourself lighter. I weight at least 3 lbs more in the evening. I have not lost a thing since Saturday, how is that possible???


running strictly on fat!
I know - I always go by my scale and it does usually differ even 7-8lbs between morning and evening. I am a lil bit scale obsessed so I no longer care...haha
I only take my morning readings seriously - anything later it's just an interesting experiment...shall we say? xxx

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