Weight gain at totm


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Hi guys

Ive started back on the slinning world diet and ive been really good this week. I have my weigh in tonight and have just been on my scales at home to check how ive done and i seem to have put on approx 1.5lb. The only reason that i canm think of is that ive has a slightly bigger lunch today as i forgot to have breakfast and also its totm.

Does anyone else have trouble with weight gain around this time, if so is there any way to avoid it?

Thanks in advance

Nickie :) xx
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I think there are a fair few of us that do get it - I think its to do with water retention.

Not sure that there's any way to avoid it, just hope that it leads to a decent loss the following week (last week was *week and I STS, this week I lost 4 1/2lbs)

You'll see plenty of other posts about it -all referring it as *week in a rather euphemistic manner!


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I think it's more common than not to retain water during totm! I usually feel really bloated for a couple of days and gain anything up to five pounds. The main ways to beat water retention are to drink more water (although it sounds illogical!), avoid caffeine, and to watch your salt intake. Or just put up with it because it'll go away soon enough :D


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I have this problem too! I either STS or have a small gain on * week, but it usually results in a loss the week after xxxxxxx


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Hi i have known myself to gain 5 pounds at totm. But from what I've read, drinking plenty of water helps because it signals to your body that water is in plentiful supply and therefore water retention is less likely. I think it probably does work as I drink 3-4 half litre bottles a day now and haven't been getting the typical menstrual weight gain of late lol!!

hollys nan

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And I dont get star weeks anymore! So if I gained there would be no excuse


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Best way around it is to cut your salt intake drink a lot of water exercise or at least move more. I retain water when i'm on my PERIOD(sorry couldn't actually help it as star week huh lol) anywhoooooooo i find that this is the best for minimizing the gain as well before i could put on nearly half a stone of water weight at that time


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for the third month running a lady in our group has had a significant loss on her * week.. 6.5lbs this week!!!...

she had a good talk with the C 3 months ago because she was fed up with monthly gains..
she was told that water retention CAN add up to 5lbs to you, but that would only offset whatever losses you would have had..
the other reason for a gain at * week is that you eat more of the wrong stuff, but that's down to cravings..
It's the later part that you are able to control so being MORE vigilant of sticking to your plan on * week and not using it as an excuse..

as for "too old for all that", apparently just because you don't have the "proof" of a * week, your body still goes through monthly hormonal changes so it can still affect your losses even though you don't get a * week anymore..