weight gain during period?

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    Hi, I would like to find out more about how much your girls out there gain just before/ during menstruation?

    They say that drinking lots of water helps to eliminate such weight gain, but it doesn't seem to work for me. This makes me feel even more afraid cos it's making me draw all sorts of conclusions, like maybe how this weight gain isn't caused by my period.

    i didnt overeat (not on CD at the moment), and have been jogging for 1hr every evening for the past few days. but my weight just seems to be stuck, and when I took my weight just now, it went up!

    do you think there's any way that you can be cursed to be fat for the rest of your life or something, cos that's how it feels with me alot of the time nowadays... :(
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  3. Fuzzys Angel

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    Unfortunately some of us do retain fluid during TOTM, i'm one of thoses unluckly ones. Although i do drink 4 litres most days during my TOTM i can gain anything between 3-7lbs :eek: & my tummy gets very bloated. Because i know this is how my body is & is used to it i tend not to worry too much coz it disappears very quickly when i've finished. It usually is more of a pain if i'm going somewhere special & want to dress up, my choice of clothing is restricted coz my bloating offend can make me look pregnant :eek:.....xxxx
  4. minime100

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    DEfinately gain weight in the week before my period, either that or during my period I always lose about 7lb!!!! I dont worry too much, but it is gutting cos I struggle every PMT week to stick to it and to not see this reflected on the scales is GUTTING! Damn being a woman!! Hehe.:D
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    I dont gain just stay the same during totm( well up until 3 days into it) the 4th day i start losing again.
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    I always gain 3-5 lbs, know TOTM is on the way because I have to get up during the night before it starts to pee, weight off by day 2.
  7. spooky

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    I have had a rotten time leading up to totm this month. My scales didn;t move for about 10 days! Hated it. They have started moving again now though:D
  8. missymoo

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    Oh no ... my totm is any day now and this evening I have bloated out like a puffa fish!! My belly has got huge and feels so uncomfortable .... and I have a weigh in tomorrow ...not looking forward to it now, if I gain I hope the scales show a better loss the following week for me?

    'Boo' to a bloated stomach!!
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