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Weight Gain ........ HOW?!!!

I am wondering if anyone can help, i have been to the gym 5 times this week and burnt over 4000 cals, i have eaten well and have not cheated and have still gained half a pound!! I really dont know why and im quite upset by this, does anyone know why i would have gained weight when i have tried so hard. I have not used any weights at the gym only cardio workout!!???
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I wish I knew the answer because I had the same problem - except I gained 3 1/2 pounds!!

Was really annoyed by it - mostly by the fact that there was no good reason behind it - I had a good week, no cheating, a weekend that involved no more drinking than other weekend and up to that point I had been losing or at least maintaining every week.

I can only assume its our bodies playing tricks on us - retaining extra fluid just before weigh in perhaps.

Do not be put off going to the gym - exercise can only be a good thing - all this nonsense people spout about muscle weighing more than fat it just that - nonsense - until you get to Olympian or body builder level, any muscle increase is offset by the fat youve burned off - so you should still end up with a net loss.

Are there any other things different? Is it time of the month? Are your clothes consisent?

I dont have any more ideas, but I'm a Tuesday weigher and hoping my 3 1/2 gain last week was just a blip - will let you know how I get on!!
dunno, i was similar last week, id just started going back to the gym again, did 3 spin classes, stuck to plan all week and only lost 1lb, im hoping that this week after 5 spin classes and sticking to plan that i have a better loss, if not.........back to sitting on the playstation all night lol
Thanks guys im not going to give up on the gym i will stick with it, was just really gutted that i had gained when i had been so good. im hoping it will be fluid retention due to increase im exercise and that i will have a good weight loss on monday!! fingers crossed!! let me know how you get on with your weigh ins hope your exercise pays off!!


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Had a 4lb loss tonight - I'd usually be thrilled with that, but coupled with the previous 3 1/2 gain, its only a net loss of 1/2 over 2 weeks.

Still, I wore my jeans tonight, same as last week, so at least I know its a true loss, and not down to clothes, will be consistent from now own so I know what the true loss is.

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