weight gain in first week?!


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i am currently on day 4 of the pro points plan, and my daily points allowance is 45 and weekly 49.

on the morning of day 2 i weighed my self and lost a pound which was great, i had only eaten the daily points and none of the weekly, then morning of day 3 i had gained the pound i had lost, and this morning i had gained another pound!!!

day 2, 3 and today i have had between 7-10 of my weekly points.

is this normal?!
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don't weight yourself every day! Your weight fluctuates a lot during the week, I know it because I do weight myself every day and I can have losses and gains all over the place but then, on weigh-in day there's normally a nice loss.

Just weight yourself once a week. I do it every day because I'm used to the fluctuation and I like to keep full control, but if you don't know how to react the right way, please don't!


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I echo everything these very knowledgable ladies say.
You weight fluctuates wildly from day to day, even hour to hour. Just try to weigh yourself at the same time on the same day on the same scales for an accurate representation of your weight loss! :)

Good luck!


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I agree with all the other posters
I was up a lb on my scales tues before my wi on Wed, then was down 5 at the actual ww weigh in. Leader told me to get rid of my scales or at least stop weighing myself so am gonna put it out of eyeshot.