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    I have been on slimfast shakes for 2 weeks now and i have put on 5lbs! Is this normal? I have one shake for breakfast, one for lunch and then a low calorie meal. If i snack in between which is rare then i will have fruit such as a pear or an orange. I do kick boxing once a week and exercise dvd at least twice a week. I'm really confused i've gone from 15 stone exactly to 15 stone 5lbs. Any advice welcome as maybe i'm not doing it right? It's really knocking my confidence.
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    Do you think that you have been eating more calories via slim fast than you were before?
  4. DappyMare

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    Is your evening meal around the 600 cal like they say? Not sure why you would gain weight, is it totm?may be because youre not having enough... Maybe give it another week and do it to plan 3 snacks, 2 shakes and an evening meal. it is so frustrating when you gain weight:(
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    Do you have any swelling, like water - swollen ankles, wrists and so forth?
    Have you had a poo?
    Did you get weighed on the same scales at the same time of day?

    List a typical day here and see what the calories was. Could be youre undereating and your body is holding onto everything because youre exercising too, but to be honest you should have lost.
    Dont let it knock your confidence though, I'm sure you are capabale of losing weight xx
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    I always find that if I don't eat enough, I don't loose as much.... If at all!

    I even some times have a habbit of skipping my 2nd shake (I have my 600cal dinner at lunch time and my 2nd shake in the evening) and when I miss it, I don't lose!

    I've also tried having just 3 shakes instead of the meal and that really didn't work!

    Make sure your dinner is only 600cals.... These things can sneak up on you.

    Eat your snacks, there there for a reason, not just for when your hungry.

    Drink plenty (2litres) of water or else your body will hold onto what I does get.... Making you gain water weight and bloat!

    Like Roxan said is it time of the month or have you had a poop???

    I find that when I exercise alot my weight loss does slow down on a day to day/week to week weigh ins but it helps so much more in the long run..... I wasn't noticing big losses so much and then it suddenly crept up on me :)

    Keep at it..... Try using a calorie counter ( like myfitnesspal) to keep you on track

    Good luck.xxx
  7. HollieJayne01

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    I'm Really sorry to hear about that! :( Kepp trying. Mkae sure your meal is only 600kcal!
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