Weight gain???


I WILL be thin!!
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I started on the bars yesterday, having one for lunch and also tried the water flavouring to help me drink more water and I have managed to gain a pound! I thought these were supposed to help. I was especially hoping the water flavouring would help as I hate water.
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i dont think water flavouring makes any different as i have had water flavouring since i started, i dont have the bars as they made me gain a few extra pounds but when having bars you do have to drink abit more water


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some days i may put on the odd lb wether i have bars or not, i only have bars every other day or so, its your body holding on to that extra bit of water, im sure you will notice a difference tomorrow even if you have a bar


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I used to have a bar every day and never found it made any difference to me at all, but then I know some people who can't have them at all. As MrsE said, think it's pretty individual. Your weight can vary up and down by about 5lbs a day, it's crazy. It's why I try not to weigh myself a million times a day, though I usually fail at that and do anyway! Are you weighing yourself at the same time in the same clothing? (or lack of it!)


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Hi Hun, It sounds like you are very similar to me. I didn't ever gain with bars, but certainly my weightlosses would be significantly less if I had 1 bar each day. When I stopped this, my losses went back to the average 4-6lbs each week. Now I have 1 bar a week and usually have it as a treat on a Friday (admittedly while watching the Jonathan Ross show - the highlight of my week!!! lol) Maybe try having the 1 bar a week and see if it helps. As for the water flavouring, I haven't noticed this personally, but like MrsE says we are all different and respond to the products differently. The only side effect I get with the sunshine orange flavouring is a horrendous cough! Quite puzzling! Hope you find your resolution soon hun. Hugs x x x


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I have a bar a day (sometimes 2!!) and have never found it a problem, although I know plenty who do.. Its a very individual thing.


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It's prob a bit of fluid retention and nothing to worry about. After all you're only eating around 500 cals on SS. You've got to lose weight on that!??

I had bars every day with no issues but as has been said it's an individual thing.

good luck!