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Weight holding you back from? hoping to rediscover? or have rediscovered?


loving life
What had you stopped doing since putting on weight because you physicly couldn't or were embarrased to? Have you rediscovered doing something that you used to do since losing some weight on cd or if you have just started cd what are you hoping to rediscover when the weight is off. It may be an activity or simply something you would love to be able to wear again.

There are lot's of things I hadn't done since putting on my weight that I am now rediscovering again and it's made me feel 10 years younger. Last night for the first time in 10 years I went ice skating with my Husband lol and had great fun, we both felt like kids again. I have brought a mountain bike and now regularly go for bike rides with tha family-again felt like a kid. And at the end of the month Hubby and I are going to fright night at Thorpe Park, something I have missed so much-theme parks and rides :p

I am just over half way through my journey and already realising the impact weight had on my life and how much better my life is going to be thanks to cd and the support of this forum. I hope all of us are starting to rediscover things in our life are improving for the better no matter how small. :)
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One day at a time!
Good topic! I went to Legoland with my young nephews and went on all the rides with them - I wouldn't have done it if I was still my heaviest weight. I can also cross my legs more comfortably, LOL. And I plan to go to the Xmas ball this year and last year wouldn't go out to any "do" cos I felt too fat and nothing fitted me.
I definitely put my whole life on hold and kept telling myself I couldn't do things until I was thin - of course it didn't work as a motivator to lose weight and just made me feel more depressed. I certainly gave up hope on relationships etc as I didn't feel worthy of it. Looking back now I know I've wasted so much time feeling sorry for myself, but that's all changed now thanks to CD - I'm feeling great and loving all the compliments! I've never been this close to goal (altho still have another 25lbs to go) and I'm sooooo excited about getting there!
Id say practically everything, Im the bag holder at theme parks, although we went to Whitby for the weekend this weekend and we took the kids to Flamingo land, I did go on the carosell but wouldnt dare go on any of the other rides in case the barrier wouldnt fasten.

Planes are a def no no, I will not humiliate myself again with the seatbelt, the airhostess made me feel so belitted when she shouted up the ailse for a extention and I heard her mutter something about paying for two seats.

I want to go horse riding with my daughter and put on rollerboots and play out with them but im too big, but not for long, ive shifted from a size 26 to 20 so I can shift from a 20 to smaller.

Great thread Zoe but you are my inspiration anyway so keep it up.
Im playing on things in the park with the kids now where as before i'd just watch as felt too fat .....so my boys are benefitting which is worth everything :)
I've stopped going to auditions as I thought I was too big. :cry:
We are daft really arn't we how we left things effect us but I really cannot wait to get my life back and have fun and walk tall again.
Witchy-did your plane experience happen recently? I am flying at Christmas, and was hoping that I would have lost enough to not feel too uncomfortable (it's long haul-no-one is completely comfortable!) The last time I flew, I needed an extension, and it was the other passengers around me that made me feel like poo-the attendants were fine. Oh no!!! Getting wound up about it!! To answer thread question-I feel, like some others here, that I have used my weight as an excuse for pretty much avoiding life-enough is enough!! x
I went on holiday in February and joined Cambridge in April because of how she made me feel, done well till I came off in the six weeks holidays but with my job I was on trips with the kids all the time and just didnt have the time to do cambridge to my regret, but back on it and on day four so looking forward to a new me.


Going for Goal!
Planes are a def no no, I will not humiliate myself again with the seatbelt, the airhostess made me feel so belitted when she shouted up the ailse for a extention and I heard her mutter something about paying for two seats.
You know air hostesses are a law to themselves. What a cheeky b*tch - I tell you what if it was me i'd have gone ape about it, nevermind complain she'd have had the extention wrapped round her head! On a serious note though, air hostesses have no right in making you feel uncomfortable and you certainly should have made a note of her name and complained. A very similar thing happened to me only a few years ago- I was on my way to Florida (look at my pics, I was HUGE) and had to do the usual of asking nicely for an extention. The airhostess tutted, walked to the front of the plane and said "that fat lady needs an extention" to another air hostess. Luckily the lady next to me was as mortified as I was. I did no more, got up and said "that fat lady has a name, and so do you - what is it?" I took a pen and paper out of my bag, and told her I would be complaining. As I walked away furious, and trying to calm myself she muttered something under her breath about my flight meal - when it came it had no dessert, no orange juice or bread roll. So I got my little camera out and snapped away, comparing mine to the lady next to me. Another air hostess came over and asked me if there was a problem with the food for me to be taking photographs. I explained that she knew perfectly well what was going on and that I was just collecting my evidence. She walked away (red faced). Cut a long story short I wrote a letter to American Airlines, including names and addresses of some very kind people who were happy to be witnesses. Within only a few weeks I had an apology in the post and my £1,400 return ticket refunded. :)
Wow Emma - standing up to the bullying of a well-known airline, good for you!
Zoe - at the momment that change that I want more than anything else is to fit into my lovely size 12 clothes, to dress in a way that makes me feel happy and confident - then like bmthsue - its time for relationships but only with really nice guys (they do exist - of course they do!)
WOW Emma that is so brave I was too insecure then, a few months down the line and I do have confidence now but I want the weight loss now so bad, thats an awful experience too.

I want to be able to go the doctors or the hospital and not be talked down to and have everything turned round to *well you are very over weight bla bla bla*

Its quiet exciting though now I can only move forward and not look back.
We can all do it girls and start doing the things we have wanted to do/wear for a long time.

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