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Weight Loss and boarding school, not a good mix :(

Hi people, this is my first ever post on here, so I thought I'd start off with asking if anyone is in a similar position to me. I'm 17, and I go to a boarding school (if you hadn't guessed from the thread title) and I'd love to know if anyone else goes to slimming world as well as boarding school.
It's really hard, because all the meals are prepared for you so there's very little choice in what you can eat. The school I go to does have good food, but the same routine of jacket potatoes and salad gets a bit dull. I've found it ok, but I'd love some advice! I've lost 24.5lbs so far, so something is working. But it would be great if I could find someone else who copes too :)
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I am a bit long in the tooth now for any kind of school but I did not want you to think no one here can help you. I am sure that if here is no one at boarding school there will still be loads of advice for you.
Can you speak to whoever plans your meals and see if she/he can help you get more variety.

Congratulations on your brilliant weight loss so far.
Thanks, I tried speaking to the person in charge of the meals and she gave me the menu plan for the food they cook on alternative weeks, but they never stuck to it!!! Thanks though, the advice is appreciated :D well done on you're weight loss too :)
How about haveing a word with your Pastoral care counsellor, or failing that the school nurse?
You are entitled to have some control over what goes into your body and they should recognise this. Perhaps coming from another staff member it will help?


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Well done on your weight loss so far!

I agree with Shirleen - you do have a right to some control over your meals. Start with your school nurse and if that gets you nowhere then try talking to your head teacher. Could you get your parents to speak to the school?
I'l have a go, luckily I'm on my holidays at the moment, so I can control almost everything I eat! My first week of the holidays I shifted 4lbs!! But I'm definitely going to put this advice into action when I get back to school :D Thanks!
Its definitely worth talking to your school nurse, or maybe whilst you are off talk to your GP and see if he wouldn't mind writing a letter to your school nurse explaining that you would like to loose weight and need them to provide certain types of food for you? Not sure if it would work be certainly worth a shot.

Alot of state schools would be send letters to parents when their children are overweight, so there is no reason why your parents couldn't do that also.

Do your parents send you care packages or give you money for what in my day was called tuck (but probably has some very fancy 21st century name now!). Perhaps you could ask them to send you some SW friendly stuff in those care packages? Mugshots,ryvita, curly wurly's :). Basically stuff that can fill you up on days when its jacket & salad, and give you a little treat.

Finally, as you don't have complete control over your food, take the pressure off yourself a little bit hun. You've done brilliantly already, and just making a few swaps will gert you there eventually.


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Good advice Kingleds.

Well done on the 4lb loss. Your head seems to be in the right place so I'm sure you'll do really well in the holidays.

Do you go home at weekends during term? The reason I ask is that you could spend Sunday afternoon throwing some dishes together and take them with you to freeze in the school freezer and eat during the week.

If you just take 7 prepared meals with you, you could have one a day and then choose something from the school menu once a day.

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