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weight loss and dress size loss

Hi people,
I thought I would be nosey and find out about people, their heights, their dress sizes and how much weight they lost before their dress sizes were going down.

I am 5'7" and started at 17 stone, at this time I was a size 20 top and bottom.
AFter I lost the first stone my 20s got a bit loose but it was when i reached a 2 stone loss I finally got rid of al the 20s and the 18s were feeling a bit loose.
Another stone on and all my 18s have gone - I am now a 16 in most things apart from the skinny shops where everything is smaller than they say.
So I just wondered how everyone else has been getting on with dress sizes.

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I was a 16 to 18 when I started at 13s 12lbs, I have lost a stone now and my size 16's are quite bit and my size 14's are quite tight. Have a look on the forum though as there is a discussion about how different clothes sizes are from shop to shop etc
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Hi there

I am 5ft 1 and weighed 14st exactly when I started. I have lost two stones as of this morning and my 18's are now loose, think I will be into a 16 in about another half stone.



Fed up of being fat
Im 5'4 started at 14st 12 (i think) and was a size 18. Losing 2 stone has taken me down to a size 16. ... size 14 here I come.
Cheers everyone - interesting to see that sometimes you lose a lot and it doesn't make much difference - but then a couple of lbs can knock you down that next dress size
A dress size is every 2 to 3 inch loss apparently.
I started at 17st 8.5lb, 5' 8" and a size 22 bottom, 18 top.
17 weeks and over 4st later I weigh 13st 3.5lb, a size 16 bottom and 12 top. Im a 14 bottom in NEXT!!!
Amazing when you think about it, smaller clothes are more fun!
I was 19st 1 and a size 26 - I'm now 14st 3 and I'm in Next size 16 - - and I'm 5ft 1.25" --- don't want to forget my 1/4 inch :)
After i had my baby in March 2005 i put on more weight and was nearly 14 stone. At the point i was in size 18s mostly (one pair of size 20 trousers from dorothy perkins - i remember them well!)

I then dropped a stone and a half and went into size 16s. I started CD at 12 stone 5lbs in size 16s, some large 14s.

I am now 9st 12 and fit easily into 12s, some of my 12s are too big but i am not quite into a 10. I think I am probably an "11"!

Hopefully by the time i finish i will be around 9st 5 and a proper size 10.

interesting thread - thankyou
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I am 5' 2" and at my heaviest (22st) I was a size 32.

At 12st 7lb I was still a size 18 ... but mainly because my problem area (tummy) meant I couldn't get into anything smaller. Size 18 clothes were, however, loose around my shoulders, bust and hips. If it hadn't been for my tummy I'd probably have been in a 16.


this time - the last time
S: 16st6lb C: 11st10lb G: 9st7lb BMI: 32 Loss: 4st10lb(28.7%)
Wow - this is really interesting!

I am just 5 foot (similar to Katie Oxo and Porgeous) - yet we are all different sizes at similar weights! So it really is unique to each person!

I stared at 14stone 1 and was tight in my size 18's. I have only lost 11lbs so far, but already I am back in my size 16's. I keep wearing my 18's but I have problems keeping them up - which can be a bit embarrassing at work!! He he!

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