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WEIGHT LOSS BUDDY/SUPPORT - or suggestion of a local group

Im quite a big girl, I havent been going to group because my local groups all seem to be skinny minnies who only need the odd pound to lose... it any.

I feel huge in comparison to them. you ask them if they have lost alot and they say they havent been much bigger than they are now. how on earth they can say they know how i feel??

i understand we are all trying for the same goal.... weight loss. BUT I would like to find a weight loss buddy who may be on the larger size who really does know how it feels to have soooo many lbs to lose.

I am based in birmingham/solihull and have been looking for a group where there are people who have alot of weight to lose so im not the only one.
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If you haven't been to a group how do you know that everyone in your local groups are skinny? If you go on the SW website you can get the contact details of potential consultants, so you could always call them and tell them your concerns? I'm sorry I can't make any recommendations as I am not local to you x
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absolutely agree with above. Everyone starts their journey at a different point and are at different stages in their journey.

I'm at target (and even if i say so myslef lol) I look nice and slim, I would hate to think that me being there would put larger people off joining. I do my best to encourage, motivate and give advice to all members whether they have a lot or a little to lose.

I find its part of my journey to help others. Give your local group a chance. There was an article in a SW mag a while ago where a woman was saying how she felt before she walked into group, it made me cry (big softy). Phone the consultant first and discuss your feelings, she'll probably meet you at the door to help you take that first step.

Good luck xx
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Think of it this way, if they are all skinny and you have more to lose you have a massive chance of getting slimmer of the week/ slimmer of the month :)

S: 13st11lb C: 10st10lb G: 10st10lb BMI: 23.5 Loss: 3st1lb(22.28%)
or another way, if they're all skinny they're a successful group and consultant so you're more likely to succeed.......

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I agree with everything the girls have said. All those ladies in the class may also have felt like that when they joined too, we all have to start somewhere and if theyre a good group they will support you on your journey as well as the minis gang. Try to think positive not negative. You can do it and be a new you by this time next year - make 2013 a good one


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The size that someone is when they start SW is no indication of their body image. For example, I started at a size 26 and wanted to lose for health reasons - at that time I was reasonably happy with the way I looked. I suppose that I was the biggest person there at first but that thought never crossed my mind.

In contrast there were people that you would call skinny minnies there who felt worse about themselves with only a stone or 2 to lose.

It's the same experience on SW whether you have 10 or 100 pounds to lose. I know this will sound harsh but you need to take a deep breath and go for it because I honestly do think that the classes are key to plan in terms of not falling off the wagon. I've also made some lovely (skinny) friends in the past year and I wouldn't replace that for anything.

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