Weight loss = Confidence = Job interview

Jackie r

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What a day, had a job interview today, currently working for the NHS but a dream job turned up through an agency, such a good job, great potential, but I don't think they can afford me:(. They want to match or better my salary and benefits, but they don't have the resources, I have told the agency that if they want me then I am prepared to negotiate, I don't want the job to improve finances, but to improve my work life balance.
I must admit that I felt great going to the interview in my size 14 YES 14 skirt and top and ............wait for it.......................High street BOOTS!!!!!

Anyway folks PLEEEEEEEASE wish me luck I want this JOB



I really hope it works out for you. I have a good feeling as reading your thread your sincerity in wanting the job and for all the right reasons is obvious. So I am sure that this would also have come across in the interview.

Have everything crossed for you.

Dizzy x
Thanks everyone, it really is a job where I could make a difference, and I would be prepared to do it for less pay. Sometimes you know when something is right, this company is right, but I just hope I am right for them.
Wow, I wish I could find a job like that!!!

I want to work in conservation, but I think I live in the wrong area!!! (Northamptonshire)

What kind of conservation? Lots of specialist companies down here (Somerset). We have wildlife conservation, building conservation, wood and stone conservation, the works.
But then we have the moors, the levels, the vale of glastonbury, mendips etc.etc.
Can't help it love Somerset, been everywhere but still end up coming home.
I'd want to go into Wildlife conservation, can't really move too far away as Fiance works in Cambridge as a software engineer.

Good luck Jackie, fingers crossed for you and well done on wearing high street boots.
Hi All,

Just found out they want me, I need to go thrash out terms with HR.


Only one problem, feel like I'm letting the girls at work down. Feel like a rat desserting the sinking ship!!!!!!! But I really feel that this is right for me at present.

Thanks for the good wishes.

Jackie that's fantastic, congratulations!

Don't feel bad for leaving your job, it's not like you're going for the money, it's for something you WANT to do - that's a rare thing!!!!

Good luck with seeing HR!

Thanks all, looking forward to next week.
I'm not doing this for the money, it is the perfect job (i think, wont really know until I start, but on paper and the way its described it is). My current boss is a good friend and I will miss the camaraderie of the team, but I know i'll meet loads of new people, and will enjoy building new relationships. The continuity will be good. Yep I am excited!!!!
Fantastic hun,

Go for it, look at the new you!!!!!