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weight loss in RTM?

Hi there

I finished RTM nearly 7 weeks ago and I lost 18lbs during RTM (didn't gain any week)

I also had a bit to lose on RTM as I was advised by LLC and doctor to come off abstinance earlier than I wanted.

I have lost another 7lbs since I finished RTM but on purpose as I want to eat and drink whatever I want on holiday next week so thought I would lose extra before I go rather than have to lose when I get back.

Most people in my group (and seems to be similar to people here) lost in the first few weeks but then gained that loss back during trigger weeks. My LLC says that you should expect to finish RTM about the same weight as you start.

I am sure the reason I lost as much as I did was because I near enough followed RTM to a T. I was still careful and wrote out what I was going to eat each day and stuck to it. I knew if I stuck to my plan I would lose.

I was lucky (or unluck at the time) that the reason I gained weight was because I only ate one meal a day which was full of carbs, never more than 1000 calories but because it was only once a day my body went into starvation mode and gained 3.5 stone in 3 years. I have now lost 5.5 stone in total and am smaller than I have ever been in my adult life. But because of the reasons why I gained weight I actually eat a lot more now than I did before, just more often and better foods.

Although I finsihed RTM I still check these board as I know how important RTM is so I like to try and reply to anyone who posts here.

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