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Weight loss slower 2nd time around?


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Is this true?

One of my friends has told me this as she said when she did it again her weight loss was slower ... im not sure whether that was because she was at a more healthier weight or because it is a second time around.

Anyone experienced this?
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It totally depends on how much weight you have to loose
this is my 3rd time doing it
first time I lost 1 st in 2 weeks
2nd time only 10 lbs in 2 weeks - had less weight to loose
3rd time 1st 1lb in 2 weeks - had more to loose


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Hmmm i am wanting to lose 3st to get me to 11st - but then i will still be classed as overweight (according to the crappy bmi chart thingy mabobby!!!)


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ah ideal cheers lou - im only setting my hopes on 5lbs anything more then ideal! its so hard not to weigh myself though!!!!!! grrr!! :giggle:

This is my second time round, I lost 3 stone in 7 weeks last time nearly 3 yrs ago, so weight came off pretty fast as I had more to lose. What I should have done is carried on to my ideal weight, but instead I stopped short as I thought I had lost enough. Since then I have put on 10lbs on making me 2 stone 5 lbs away from goal, so after trying healthy eating etc etc and not losing any weight, I though I would try LT again as I know it works, and it means I get to so called ideal weight eventually although taken longer than originally planned.

Im definately not losing at same rate, which was frightening for first couple of weeks as didnt think it was working, I just want to see whether I can get to my ideal weight for my height in the 8 weeks I have set myself, I dont think I would be allowed to continue as BMI is in healthy stage already, and I have focused on this time scale, if I dont get there I think its because Im not supposed to be that size.

After reading different threads on here, there might be a whole variety of different reasons for slower weight loss, I was panicking that I wouldnt even be able to lose weight to start, but now just over halfway & still have 25lbs left to lose. I have weigh in on friday but not expecting miracles, slow & steady for sure.

Im thinking I may just have saggy skin as well rather than fat as I first thought because even though losing all over I cant get rid of my folds under my bra at the back - Ive jst turned 41 & dont know if that is normal, as they dont seem to want to go. I always assumed it was because I was overweight!

Anyway I digress, and am sure that when you reach your goal you wont be thinking about the small losses & its the big one overall that counts.



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God I hope not!! They were slow enough first time round- if they got any slower it wouldn't be worth my while!
I have between 7-14lbs to lose, and 3wks to do it (thats all the shakes I have left!) so please God I'll at least lose the 7lbs in that time?!?


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i hope you do irish! im sure you will though due to a big first weigh in :)
It seems such a severe way to loose only 2lbs
I am on my third week
week 1 - 10lbs
week2 -5 lbs
week 3 ?
going to do it for 4 weeks only , would love some food today, just a little bit of chicken , salad and wine gums


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severe but good way - for some losing 2lbs in the 'real' world of diets is a struggle for me it defo was hence the reason for turning to LT. Now i will never look at another diet - its all about healthy eating and making the right choices - no one needs to be constantly on a 'diet' right? :giggle:
I've never stuck on it long enough to have an idea of how quickly I lose. All I know is I'm heading into six weeks and have lost 20lbs. I know it's good but I still feel like it really should have been more accounting for the initial bigger losses. My friend who started her first time LT at 11st 3lbs has just had her 2nd WI and has lost 10.5lbs already!

Maybe I just lose slowly -but try as I do to keep positive -it is starting to PI55 me off!

Sorry. That didn't actually answer your question but I needed to vent!


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LOL!! no problem in venting chick :)

some people do lose much slower than others but they do say slower is better? xx


A little of everything!
Well, no-one could say my losses were great- I even GAINED some weeks! (first time my pharmacist had seen that!) And nothing else had worked- and I mean NOTHING, so any losses I had were accepted and gratefully received! LOL!
When I get back on the Lipotrain, I'll hope for 4-5lbs the first week, and whatever I get after that will be okay (as long as it's not another gain!)

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