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Weight loss stall


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G: 12st0lb
I am still burning ketone's tested urine and sticking to the plan.
I have not lost a lbs so for this week weigh in Sat? Anyone else had this happen.
I am also getting a little fed up of the chicken soup


Are you weighing at home (tut tut )......lol. The loss can slow down from time to time as your body catches up with itself, are you still drinking plenty of water...?
You should still lose if you have been 100%.

I have gone off the soup too, though for me its because of the warm weather, I prefer cool drinks when its nice and sunny.
Let us know how saturday weigh in goes. I will not reply straight away as I will be in Bath for the meet up. So hopefully sometime sunday night if not monday.
Hi Sonia thanks for the fast reply the only thing I had last week was four garlic prawns 0 carbs and I substituted it for a flap jack cal count was less on the tiger prawns.
It didnt alter the ketones at all still Deep purple. Loads of water.
The only main change is the fiber clear I added to my water.
I have changed some of the shakes into Ice cream using my ice cream maker but other than that no major sins?
but to be honest I had a chicken leg last week and lost the best part of a stone


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G: 12st0lb
Hmmm and if you are still in ketosis you are still burning fat. How much water do you drink as it shouldnt really be purple as that indicates you may be dehydrated. Though I was told that the occasional person does go through Lipotrim at this colour.


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S: 15st13lb G: 10st7lb
How is your inch loss going? You might have reached a plateau with the weight but are still losing the inches.
I am not sure I didn't take measurements prior to weight loss its gone of my waist line as my belt is now on unused notches but I have no indication of how much has gone over this last week


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I felt like this the other week and still managed to lose 5 pounds when I got weighed in. I shouldnt worry about it, just keep drinking the water, you'll be fine!!! :)

Hi i'm only just finishing day 2 of Lt and just read your posts could you please tell me what you are on about testing pee for ketones ive not heard of this,im doing LT through a chemist do they test your pee there and if so when?
Many thanks Kiki


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G: 12st0lb
The chemist usually like you to buy ketostix to test your urine for ketones. This means your body is burning fat, though I did get hung up on testing all the time, I now dont need to test to know im in ketosis as you know.
The signs are: "Dog breath " ....lol and feeling very cold.
G: 12st0lb
Do you know what I think I must have a Ketosis resistant body, becuase I am still not convinced I am in it! When I test sometimes hardly a trace of pink , other times just a palest blush, and this is my 4th week on LL and not a morsel let alone a chicken leg or even a parawn leg has passed my lips! I'm on a real downer and stamping my foot and evertything like a spoit kid because I'm a good little 'big' girl and always drink at least 5 lites a day and have stuck to it 100% and them scales (I know we shoudnt be on 'em) have stubbornly refused to move a single pound since last Thursday's WI and I'm terrified I will go and be the same weight as I only lost 3 last week.
You know what I just keep thinking of everything I could have eated and stayed the same and its drving me loopy!
Oh well, tantrum over .......


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S: 18st2lb C: 15st2lb G: 12st2lb Loss: 3st0lb(16.54%)
Some people never test in the pink or only the smallest trace and yet they are doing their diet 100%.

I would not get hung up on it.

The weight does not come off the same every week and you do get weeks when the scales don't move, but if you look at your average over time you will still work out around a stone a month for a woman and a stone and a half for a man.

The time of the month can cause some women to retain water and this will show up on the scales and also if you have drank a lot of water before weigh in.

One litre of water weights 2.2lbs. in weight or one kilogram.

Also when your getting weighed be sure to wear similar weight in clothes from week to week.

Love Mini xxx


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G: 12st0lb
Thanx Mini, Im back from my walk.....gotta get these steps up somehow...lol

As Mini says dont worry about testing for ketosis as if you are doing the diet 100% you will lose, the average is around 1 stone a month.

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