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    Hi All

    I've not really used this site much, although I have posted here and there sporadically, but I'm hoping you may be able to help / advise me with something.

    I have PCOS and Endometriosis. I was first diagnosed when I was 21, and I am 33 now.

    I was discharged from my consultant at the hospital almost 5 years ago, after a Mirena coil was fitted to aid my symptoms. The coil itself worked great at first, but eventually has slowed down stopped.

    I have had other health issues, but thanks to those becoming sorted, I have been able to attempt to get my life and diet back on track.

    I was literally doing no exercise, and very little moving due to a spinal condition, which is now being treated via injections every few months.

    My weight has crept up steadily over the years, but since January I have joined a gym, and made a large effort to eat better and make more sensible choices.

    I have been attending the gym on average 3 times a week, and my SIL who is a personal trainer has done me a fabulous programme.

    The problem is, that in all this time neither my weight or body shape have altered at all and its getting to the point where I am really starting to get down about it now.

    My weight has crept up by almost 2 stone since January. People are trying to tell me that my body is changing, but none of my clothes are any looser - in fact the zip flew open on my jeans when I breathed out the other day!

    The only thing I can (for lack of a better word) blame it on now is the PCOS and Endo.

    I have been referred back to the Gynae as my coil is due out in a few months, and I want to discuss my options with them, but the appointment is not until the end of May.

    I go on a girlie holiday with my friend at the end of June, and started the year wanting to lose 1st for the holiday - this goal is way out of the window now, and to be honest I just don't want to go on the holiday anymore. Nothing I do is working.

    I've only ever been prescribed Mycrogynon and Mirena for my PCOS/Endo. I hear ladies on various websites talking about different meds that have helped with pain, weight, skin etc but they have never been offered to me. They have never even checked to see if I am insulin resistant.

    So - after that rant, are there any diets people feel have worked for them with these conditions ? Is there anything I should be asking the consultant about ?

    WW didn't work, and SW made me fatter. I don't really want to try anything ''faddy'' as I need it to be an adoptable lifestyle change. I work shifts, so need to be able to be organised with it.

    If you have managed to read this far, then thank you.

    I look forward to your replies, and to getting to know you all.

    Gill x
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  3. With PCOS and Hypothyroid ..... I suffered all of the above symptoms and the only diet I can swear by is a high protein /no carb diet

    So basically any diet which will kick your body into ketosis.

    I lost 5 stone but it was very tough for the first few days BUT once you enter ketosis you will fly. Weight will melt off and you will feel much better

    I managed to get my PCOS and all associated symptoms under control with the diet and the weight loss

    Look around and get a feel - there are PCOS forums whom will be able to advise more as this is obviously just my opinion and what worked for me but everyone is different.

    GILLYBEAN635 Member

    Thanks honey (love the username btw)

    I'll do some research into that type of diet, its such a pain!

  5. Fallen8905

    Fallen8905 Member

    Yes hun I can vouch for high protein low carb diets because you need to have some carbs. I do the terri ann 123 diet xx
  6. gracefruit

    gracefruit Member

    Low carb diet , exercise is good for well being 70% of weight loss is diet. I do not advocate no carb at all, starting out 50-75g carb at first, if you can go below 50g carb daily even better.
  7. Angharad01

    Angharad01 Member

    Hi guys, new to this too but wanted to share my story with you. I too had massive issues with PCOS, Endometriosis and a few more things and being slightly older I found it such a struggle to shift the weight in order to do ivf! I found that no diet worked, I had tried everything but i did find if I regulated my hormones and detoxed my body it gave it the push it needed! I also advocate fitness too because that not only boost your fitness levels it somehow makes you so much more confident and happy! Nice to buddy up with people too. I used the clean 9 programme, I done it a few times now and my body seems to work well on it. I used Mecca to regulate my hormones and take the aloe Vera gel twice a day! It's yucky but it works from the inside out! Hope you manage to find something that works for you! I'm nearly at my goal after a 2 year battle, 4 stone off and staying off!!! Xx

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