Weight loss virtually stopped on cambridge diet - help

Discussion in 'Very Low Calorie Diets' started by flowerpot-1, 2 February 2012 Social URL.

  1. flowerpot-1

    flowerpot-1 Member

    What do I do ? Been on it 5 weeks was not expecting it to slow till week 12 .. Helllllllpppp do you think I need to eat for a few days to kick start it again ?
    £55 per week is a lot of money just to lose The odd pounds
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  3. A1000

    A1000 Banned

    Hi there, I was on Cambridge last yearvand there was a definite slow down after about 2 months for me, although I was still losing. When you say the odd pounds, how much are we talking?

    I'd recommend talking to your consultant, it's their job to support you....and you are effectively paying them to help. CD is more expensive than others like exante etc, so I saw it that I was paying a premium for having the consultant involved. Just remember, the consultant is self employed and needs you to be on the plan as long as possible,....that's how they make their money. If you aren't happy, you need to decide whether to change.

    I wouldn't change the diet to what you think you should do.....otherwise you'll just be on it longer! The objective would be to lose the weight as fast as you can (healthily!) and go back to normal healthy eating! Mixing things up may be counter productive for you and bring in the thought that it's ok to cheat. Call your consultant and ask then whether you should go up one of the steps?

    Hope things work out!

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  4. flowerpot-1

    flowerpot-1 Member

    I lost 2 lb last week
    1 and a half this week, which is still a loss but when your paying that much and only losing 1 to 2 lb per week

    I have 4 shakes per day coz my height 5 ft 9

    Spoke to my CDC and she said hang on in there u will have bigger loss next week and then said it last week and this week


    Thanks for replying to the post - really appreciate it
  5. A1000

    A1000 Banned

    No problem! I know it seems that Cambridge is really expensive, I initially thought that too before I started. As i'm a guy I was meant to have four products a day, my weekly food bill came to around £60 ( iwas having all premade tetras and bars).

    I worked out that every single meal I had while on CD, cost me £2. I realised, for me, that wasn't as expensive as trying to 'fend for myself'. For instance, if I got myself a sandwich from M&S for lunch, it would cost at least £3. So i justified the diet in that way, comparing to what I would eat if I wasn't on it.

    However, that said, CD is more expensive than others, twice as much in fact so it all depends on whether you feel the support (and incentive) of weighing with a consultant is worth it. For me, the second I stopped being weighed by a consultant was when I started going back to my old ways of eating.

    I think the thing to bear in mind is that if you are losing, no matter how much a week it is, the diet is still working. As long as you can afford it, then personally i would carry on and follow the diet to the letter.

    Just a tip, i found the more water I drank, the more weight I lost. I was drinking in the region of 4 - 5 litres a day, with the water flavouring (only a tiny amount in each 1.5 ltr bottle so i didn't go over the daily max). I didn;t worry about doing the mousse mix thing or the make your own shakes. All I had was 2-3 tetras (mixed with 200mls of water to make them a 'bigger meal') and one bar in the evening.

    Bizarrely, doing exercise meant I didn't lose as much either, so its worth being honest with yourself and seeing whether there is anything you are doing which could explain the lower than average losses. I think you are meant to lose around a stone a month on CD, but everyone is different!!

    You should be proud of yourself for sticking to it for so long. Its not easy to do this diet, be proud you are suceeding (and you are!)

    Let us know how you get on!

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  6. weasey

    weasey Gold Member

    On lighterlife and Slim and Save the bars contain more carbs than the other packs and so you are allowed a max of one a day. Some people have said that if their weight loss slows they avoid the bars and have other packs instead. Some people are more sensitive to carbs apparantly. If the same applies to Cambridge then it could be worth a try to cut out the bars for a week or two.
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  7. flowerpot-1

    flowerpot-1 Member

    Thanks again for replys

    I have stuck to the diet no cheats and been drinking between 4 to 5 litres per day ( water )

    Mm cutting out the bars yes I will give that a whirl

    I'm happy I'm still losing Its just so disheartening when you have loads of big losses then suddenly 1 to 2 lb

  8. spangles

    spangles Bouncy Castle

    i've been on Cd for 6 moths now, and if you look at my signature, you'll see there are a few sets of weeks with low losses, and hen some bigger ones after. it's just how some people lose weight. not everyon's body lets go of a regular 3.5lbs a week.

    the last time it happened, i lost three-querters of a pound one week and the one quarter the next. very upsetting. on this occasion i decided to UP my calories to include a small protein meal. tthe following week i lost 5.5lbs. on SS, there's no way you're eating too much - but it is possible that you're not eating enough.
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  9. flowerpot-1

    flowerpot-1 Member

    Thanks spangles

    Yea good tip, I was wondering because I'm just over thresh hold for height so was gonna drop a shake to 3 per day but now u have said that , I will try the protein meal see what happens

  10. A1000

    A1000 Banned

    I'd also space them at regular intervals throughout the day, I always saw it as ensuring my metabolism kept going. I tried reducing to a lower amount of shakes in the hope of losing more - it doesn't work! I actually lost less on those weeks & it does encourage some negative eating patterns too!

  11. AnnieAnnie

    AnnieAnnie Gold Member

    I have 4 shakes per day & whenever I have dropped to 3 (not intentionally, but when have stayed overnight unexpectedly etc) I have felt terrible. So weak. I've had weeks of 2lb loss, 2lb loss, 1lb loss & 9lb loss. Which still makes the stone in a month. Maybe look at it over a 4 week period rather than weekly. Good luck!
  12. BordersGirl

    BordersGirl Feeling great in 2012!

    It's definitely not a consistent thing this weight loss lark. I managed a measly 0.5lbs in week 5 having been 100% and I've had other weeks that have been under 2lb but sometimes things just go like that. If you are staying on track and drinking enough water your body will give into the weight loss eventually, it just might not do it to your own agenda. Do stick with it because you will be rewarded and to be honest you won't lose the sort of weight on another type of diet that you lose on a VLCD. And do use your CDC for support - that's what you pay the extra for over and above the 'online go it alone' type of VLCD that I'm on.
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  13. Tracyx

    Tracyx Silver Member

    Flowerpot the very same thing is happening to me, I'm on wk6 of W8 Rapid and for the first 3wks i lost 7lbs, 5lbs & 3lbs but in the last 2 weeks I have lost 0lbs & 1lb.

    After reading this thread I've just realised that i normally have 4 shakes or soups but over the last few weeks i have started replacing one with a bar so this week I'm doing no bars at all just to see if it's the cause.

    I've still got 18lbs to go so I don't want my weight loss to stop now :(.
  14. slinky1131

    slinky1131 Full Member

    Hi. After reading my info properly from AAW it states the snack is not optional?! So we r supposed to be having 4 shakes plus bar/something off snack list every day. I do not do this as when I did LL before it was only 4 packs a day. I've been weighing constantly so I don't know mu losses per week but I'm 27 into this and I've lost 20lbs. I'm happy with that. I have not and do not want to add a meal incase it makes me binge :-(((( x
  15. Tracyx

    Tracyx Silver Member

    Hi Slinky,

    Sorry I didn't really understand the last bit of your message, did you say you have been doing it for 27 days?, if so then well done on such a fantastic loss so far :).

    You are right I e-mailed W8 and the plan is 4 packs + a non optional snack everyday, I always thought the snack was optional!!.

    My plan was going well at first as I lost 15lbs in my first 21 days but then my weight loss just stopped but when it stopped i was doing a bar instead of a pack so 3 packs + a bar, this week I'm just doing 4 packs with no snack then next week I'm going to do a week of 4 packs + a snackbar to see what happens.
  16. slinky1131

    slinky1131 Full Member

    Hi tracyx
    Yes. Have re read my last post and I sound like a mentalist!! Yes 27 days and 20 lbs. I think what ur going to do re snack sounds v sensible. I'm actually petrified to eat. This will not solve my extremely unhealthy mental addiction and attitude to food. I would like to starts dropping 2 packs a day after next wk and include a small v low carb n calorie salad a day. And gradually swap my packs for equivalent carb/Cals food. I'm not sure how easy that will be? Well done to u too on your loss. Keep in touch!
    Linda x
  17. Soraya

    Soraya Silver Member

    Hi there

    When I did CD a few years ago, I found that although some weeks I lost less than others , overall I always lost a stone a month.

    Things that slowed my weight loss right down were coke zero or diet coke & the bars.

    The chewy bars are over 20g carb a bar and they are too much carb for me at one go and kicked me out of ketosis every time. In the end my CD wouldn't sell them to me and I loved that orange bar with a passion.

    Hope the weight loss picks up - I know from experience that there is nothing more frustrating than sticking to a VLCD and not losing weight.
  18. Maggie38

    Maggie38 Full Member

    It is a little disheartning though to stick with something 100% and not get the results you expect. But be proud you're sticking to it. You will get the results sooner or later..SOONER hopefully. I notice my loses slow down when I exercise which isn't good cuz I'm always looking for an excuse =)
  19. Mrs Barlow

    Mrs Barlow New Member

    Only lost 3/4 of a lb on week 4. Does exercise make a difference?

    Do you really think exercise makes a difference? I used to go the gym (only about twice a week) before I started the cambridge diet. Ive just had my week 4 weigh in and only lost 3/4 of a lb. I started stage 2 this week as well but have ran 5 miles and been to the gym twice as well in that week. Do you think that made a difference? Not sure what to do. I'm all for giving up!

    Mrs B
  20. AliGal

    AliGal Silver Member

    Hi Mrs Barlow.

    Sorry no one answered. I hope you also posted on the CD forum here.

    Many people on vlcds slow up in week 3 or 4. Just keep going and you'll start loosing again. make sure you talk to your counsellor. It may be that you are too much exercise for your calories so your body goes into starvation mode.

    Good luck


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