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weight loss

hi hun i only find it stressful when i don't stay on plan lol xx
I sometimes feel that it is stressful, but this is mainly due to having to cook different meals for myself and everyone else. Plus putting too much pressure on myself to lose each week.

I have found that the more I prepare in advance and also longer I have been on this plan the less stressful I find it.

Hope this helps. x


Put the kettle on
Depends what you mean by what you find stressful. I guess when first starting out it can be a faff working out the best things to eat etc, but after time that gets easier. Some times I find it a bit depressing if I have a lot of social things and I feel like I cant eat what I would previously, but then I remind myself thats not such a bad thing.

It also helps making things in advance to freeeze them, and getting lots of quick and easy things to make, so each meal doesnt feel like it takes forever to prepare and make.
I enjoy SW because there's such a variety of food to eat & enjoy but I find it stressful when I stick to it 100% & don't lose. I've not lost for the last 4 weeks despite trying different things to kickstart it again, nothing. That stresses me out more than anything :(

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