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Weight Plateau (I've hit it!!!)

I was wondering what I could do to get over this weight plateau. I recently lost 28 pounds working out everyday for 5 weeks. Then all of a sudden the working out wasn't working for me at all. I researched this online and was shocked to find that I've hit a "weight plateau". I had a few days rest from exercise to see if this would help. This weekend I went out Fri/Sat to get drunk (I earned it :D) I actually dropped near a pound and I didn't even exercise? Yesterday I went for a long run/walk and didn't burn anything. Now I've read I shouldnt starve myself and I'm being 100% honest when I say this, I never once starved myself. I have my breakfast, that sorts me out until tea time, I never once feel any urges for any more food. I eat my tea then I have my supper at night. My goal was 3 a stone loss, I wanna lose this last stone but I just can't seem to jump start my metabolism again. To add I even had a takeaway on friday night after a hard drinking session so I don't know what is going on with my body. I've lost a good amount of weight and i feel and look alot better, I'm still worried about this weight plateau. Sorry for the long rant, was just wondering if anyone else had experienced this and wondered what i could do. Btw I am 5 foot 10 and started at 212 pounds. I literally exercised everyday, been a long hard struggle.

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If you are working out you could be adding muscle mass, are you using a tape measure to see if there are any changes in body shape? Narrower waist etc?
I'm gonna start measuring my stomach and behind now, theres no way i cant be burning anything because i take long runs or long cycling sessions. Is it possible to burn fat while gain muscle at the same time? I don't know what is going on. I did 5 weeks of nothing but cycling. Now nothing is burning I don't think.


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If you're working out that much it is quite possible (and very likely) that you've inadvertantly knocked your system into starvation mode. While your exercise is great and your eating has been healthy- it's very possible that you weren't eating enough to ensure your body had enough nutrition to run as it should, and it now believes there is a 'famine' situation going on and is hanging onto every calorie you put in your mouth (your body's signal that this may be happening is a lack of hunger- what you said you're experiencing, as the brain is sending signals to your digestive system to conserve all energy!) Google 'starvation mode' to read up on it.

Try keeping a food log (every bite!) for a few days and work out how many calories you're actually eating. Then use some online calculators to work out what you should be eating to ensure a healthy weight loss. You'll find you won't lose for a while as your body convinces itself that food is available, and may even fluctuate a few 'water' lbs as it rights itself, but it will even out and you'll start to lose again.
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As IrishMum says. Also, book a timeslot to discuss this with someone at your gym. It's possible you've got fit enough that you need to step up your exercise - maybe work at a harder level, or do interval training, or something. Your routine needs a change, and people who work at gyms are generally very helpful :)
Thanks for all the advice people, I appreciate it. Yesterday I took in alot more calories than usual and took a very long walk. I dropped near two pounds. And I am going to hit the gym today or tomorrow for some advice. Thanks again, the body is a marvelous engine! :D


A little of everything!
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You don't have to eat LOTS of food, just make sure it's good quality & protein rich if you're doing lots of exercise? Have things like chicken breast/prawns/tuna etc in the fridge to grab as a snack, or just up your portion size a little at mealtimes? Once your body realises it's getting nourishment, it'll let go of the 'excess' you're taking in/not burning. Also- when doing a lot of excercise- you can retain water within your muscle? I don't know if that applies in your case, but it could be another reason? Make sure you're hydrated enough- you'll need extra on days you exercise.
Good luck!
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Hey also, give your body a bit of a break: losing 2 stone in just 5 weeks is a phenomenal amount: more than you would lose on a VLCD where you eat only 500cals a day! So chill out and just maintain what you're doing: your body just probably needs a chance to readjust itself after such a huge shift. The weight will start coming off again don't worry.

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