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Weight recorded my Member not Consultant!!

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I have recently joined a new group in the local town and the weigh in is done by another member of the group!! I find this a bit awkward as it's someone I know from the area! Is this wrong for me to feel like the consultant should be doing this and that the time weighing in is the time to have a private word with the C if your having problems!!

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hi all the classes iv'e been to there has been a member doing the weighing i think this is because it gives the consutant time with the newbies of the class so she can explain the plan to them :)
Hi - I've been to umpteeen sw groups and each time a member does the weighing, this makes it faster, else everyone will be wanting 5 mins with her / him at the scales and the que will be out the door, remember, you can talk to consultant during image therapy or mine doesn't mind if we email etc.

As for the person you know... unless you really hate her, I'd stick with it, I'm sure the consultant has given her strict instructions re confidentiality etc. x
S: 14st1lb C: 13st2lb G: 11st0lb Loss: 0st13lb(6.6%)
Im sure il gt used to it just in my old group my C did the weigh in and that seemed easier but new group new me hopefully!!

mayb having some1 i know doing it will help me succeed!!xx
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Consultants set up a small committee of helpers to do the weighing-in, take the payments, run the shop, and generally help out with setting up the room, etc.

These are not just any old members - they are people known to, and trusted by, the consultant and they will respect all the SW rules concerning confidentiality, etc.

I have never been to a SW class where the consultant normally did the weighing-in - they are usually doing the new members talk at the time, or circulating round the members having a chat. But they are always on hand if there is any problem, and if you absolutely insist on being weighed by the consultant, then that is what will happen. And if you want to have a private chat with the consultant, you only have to ask.

In our group we are very fortunate to have a wonderful weighing lady, who is regarded by the members as almost a second consultant.

I would not let the fact that you already know your weighing lady worry you at all - she will be professional about it.
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I did the weighing at group today, and can honestly say that the only person's weight I remember is my own!

I can remember who was SOTW, because it was a friend of mine, who is hoping to be at target by Christmas, and she lost 3.5 lbs after having been "stuck" for a while.

But other than that, nope. I stick the card in the machine, confirm with the person the change, write it in the book and then *poof* out of my head it goes. In one ear and out the other.


I see the light!
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I occasionally help with weighing in, and would NEVER tell any information that I had seen!! I know a few people that are at the group and I did ask them if they were ok with me weighing them, and they were fine with it, and likewise I would have been fine with them if they wasn't happy. Also just to say, I don't actually take alot of notice of the numbers and if someone asked me later on what they weighed I wouldn't actually remember as all the numbers roll into one.

There really is too much work for one consultant to do and I don't want to be sat through a really rushed image therapy because they hadn't got the time to do it all.

Helen xxx
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I can relate to your discomfort. I have to say this is one of the reasons why I'm not going back to a group at the moment, as I'm not massively keen on any old soul seeing how much I've put back on!

One of the members who was doing the weighing when I went previously said, "Oh, you don't look that heavy!" when she weighed me (sort of a compliment I guess, as my height does help a bit, but even so, I don't think members should be making comments like that). I'd definitely feel more comfortable if the consultant was doing it, although can understand that one person can't do everything.
I have helped with my classes WI i the past & you do sign a confidentuality form :)

I also agree that on the occasions I did do it - no way I would have been able to remeber anybodies weights.

And - lik eyou said - maybe it will be the incentive you need each week, good luck x
I can relate to your discomfort. I have to say this is one of the reasons why I'm not going back to a group at the moment, as I'm not massively keen on any old soul seeing how much I've put back on!
I agree that they shouldn't make a comment such as this but the weigh in person is not "any old soul"
As already said, the weigh in person will usually be a very long standing and trusted member of the group, they have to abide by SW's confidentiality rules and will NOT discuss weight. They are also usually the person the members ask questions of when the C is not available (as Avisk said)

I weigh in my group - someone said their WI lady was not the quietest person, well nor am I but I would never disclose anyone's weight and as someone else said, it's all numbers! The people go through that fast it's card in, write down, close book, move on. That's it. It means nothing to us - just numbers.

The weigh in time is not time to have 5 mins with your consultant, I have them queueing out of the door - there's no way there'd be a minute to chat at the scales.

I get a bit disgruntled when these threads pop up but I can see why people are surprised the consultant doesn't do the weighing so I guess they are good threads.

The consultant does the new member talk while I weigh and if there are no new members then she will either chat with anyone who wants her help or help with the weighing - we usually have new members though!!

Please be assured, the weigh in person will not discuss your weight - I don't actually care what the figures say for people as long as they are going in the right direction.

Put it this way - if YOU were the weigh in person would you discuss people's weight? I doubt it very much, so why question the integrity of those who do weigh?
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My C does the weigh in, she has told us that SW says they should have a member help, but she doesn't agree with that so she does it, she just has a member do the money but that's it, and she sit on a seperate table so can't see anything.
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I am a member of our group's social team and I have to agree with Jaylou, I'm loud too but I am very discreet, we DO NOT tell anyone else a member's weight or their gain or loss, if the member wants to tell their friends then thats up to them - if our consultant did the weighing we would have no time for Image Therapy or anything else.
Even during image therapy the Consultant only mentions the weight lost that week or a members total weight loss, never what a member's acutal weight is, so if the consultant doesn't mention it why would the helpers?
My consultant uses this time to either do new member's talk or to just answer member's queries.
I occasionally get asked questions which if I can answer I will but will mention the queries to the consultant before the Image Therapy so that she can bring the topic up and lead a discussion.
Yes, some people would find it a bit disconcerting for a person other than the consultant doing the WI, but a quiet word with the consultant could allay your fears etc. BUT it may be a case of you having to get weighed at the end of the class after Image Therapy.
When I weigh people they often want to discuss how they have done, even with me, now imagine how it would be if that was the consultant sitting there, people would be very discouraged from attending if they had to spend time in a queue.
Perhaps if it is a smaller group the consultant may feel that they could spend time weighing members, but I would say that this rarely happens, as Image Therapy is the time to discuss any issues that have arisen during your week on plan and you can always have a private chat with the consultant after this or it available before.
Even at Weight Watchers (washing my mouth out with soapy water at the moment), the consultant doesn't always do the weighing.

Please keep going to group, keep the faith and be open-minded about who does the weighing as you never know one day you may be asked to help out yourself.

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I do the weighing at my group and I never comment on who has lost what or gained. I talk to each person and congratulate/commiserate them, but that is all. My friend got her Club 10 on Monday, and screamed the place down and I must admit, I joined her! Ha ha! But as I say, no one ever asks me how someone has done and I wouldn't tell them even if they did.
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Thanks for the clarification, Jaylou, and everyone else. Glad to hear confidentiality agreements are signed.

I wasn't questioning anyone's integrity en masse, just commenting that a non-consultant had made a previous comment about how heavy I weighed, which I wasn't comfortable with. The person who weighed at the group I went to was certainly not "the person the members ask questions of when the C is not available" - they had only recently joined and been attending meetings for a short time.
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My C was back doing weigh in this week! And to be honest it didnt feel any different from the meber weighing us. In a way i thnk i now prefer the member weigh in as it means less to her than it does to the C.

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