Weight varying through the day


2nd Time Lucky!
Ok I know I should ditch the scales which i almost have! But as its monday I decided to hop on the scales. Now this morning they said 19stone bang on which would have taken me to my first stone yay!
But Just went on them there and its now saying 19.3 waa waa! Which is a pain for weigh in tonight as it will look like ive only lost 1 pound this week :(

This happen to anyone else?

It happens to everyone honey, which is why we should always weigh at the same time either every week or every day.

Most people weigh every morning first thing, naked after a wee! Don't punish yourself - stick to same time at regular intervals!
Thanks Karen xx
yeah im definatly lighter first thing. I just dont want to dissapoint my CDC by having it look like ive only lost one pound since last week lol
nevermind , as long as it coming off im happy :p
Well if you weigh at the same time of day every week the weight loss will be exactly the same.... whether it's morning, noon or night!! It's all relative!

Good luck for tonight, let us know how you get on xx
True! lol

Thanks! will keep ya posted xx
You wouldn't disappoint me babes!! I know you've been following it and thats all I am really asking of you!! Chin up!! remember, your scales suck remember?:)

See you in a bit!

Cripes! there no hiding from you Nicole! haha :D

True my scales are evil :mad:

see you soon :eek: lol
See you at 7 andy will be waiting again so will be another flying visit! xoxo
Yes indeed! they scales have been banished to the junk cupboard! :D

4 pound off yay!
I know exactly how you feel - my scales had me gaining 5lbs yesterday - mind you I had drank around 4.5 litres of water (does anybody know how much heavier water makes you weigh??)

Congrats on the 4ln weight loss:)
I think Mini said 1 litre of water weighs just over 1 kg????
Congratulations Princess on your weight-loss...

I've been tempted to jump on the scales before my weigh-in on Thursday but have thought better of it - reading this has made my mind up definitely not to... lol

Have a good week.. :)
I can change by 3 lb from first thing morning weigh in to mid day, I then go down to morning weight if i weigh myself again late before bed. It is a pain cos im weighed late afternnoon at my heavyest.
YEY!! You kicked your first stones ass!!!!

Your scales are bad scales, they really aren't nice to you are they?.

I jumped on mine today, for my weekly weigh in with me...lol:rolleyes:. 11st 1lb!! 2 lbs till normality beckons. Next week it's time to get to the hard bit.....adding in food.....eek!!

Mini is right, 1 litre is just over 1kg in weight....so like almost 3lbs!! When I used to go see my CDC I'd make sure I'd only drank 1 litre of water, but in the end it really doesn't matter because it's only water! It's the fat that matters!!

AAM for you hun...what you having??, please go into many many details so I can salivate about it....yum......:rolleyes:
A 2 ltr bottle of water weighs 4lbs!!!!!!!!!

Try getting on scales and then getting off and holding a 2 ltr full bottle, prepare to be amazed!!!!!!!!!