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Weight Watchers, "At Home"

I think it's £60 & for that you get the eating out guide, shopping guide, quick start pack & journal (I think).
When I've looked on e-bay for the same things I think it works out more expensive.
Would you recommend Weight Watchers?
PS thank you for the reply!!!! x
£60!!!! Youre kidding. Im sorry but that sounds a total rip off. Id get on ebay and buy them separately. You dont even need the journal, theyre about £8 and are just basically trackers for writing down what youre eating. I use a wee hardbacked notebook from WHSmiths that costs 99p, I use a page a day and it lasts me for months.

And yes Id absolutely totally recommend WW ;)
£60 does sound like a lot of money!!

I would recommend looking on the WW site to see what you want/need to get you going and look on ebay to find them...as old members may have auctioned them off!!

Good Luck xx
Well I decided to bit the bullet and get on track ASAP. I've ordered the pack straight from WW as ebay seemed to work out more expensive??
So girls..... If I stick to the plan and exercise at the gym at least 3 times a week, is a 5 1/2 stone weight loss achievable? Will it take forever??
The worst bit is that you realise that over the years you've probably lost & regained your whole body weight twice lol!!
How long did the 10st take if you don't mind me asking??
WOW. That's fantastic. Do you do much exercise to help it along??
I lost 3 stones year before last on Slimming World but spent every day in the gym. I had an operation which meant I couldn't exercise & it all came back!
Those lying gym-bunnies lol!!
I always found it helped me feel better about myself if nothing else.
My partner is joining me on the diet & fitness drive but 5 1/2 stones compared to 1 stone seems more demotivating than anything else lol!
I'm going to force myself back into the lycra on Thursday!
£60- thats 3 months gym membership for me!
I started middle of Jan bought myself a calculator and thats it! That cost a tenner on ebay. Apart from that i bought a 99p notebook that i've just finished from whsmith to act as a tracker!
I use the online eating out guide on the forum and thats it.
No meetings, no extra costs- what a bargain i say!

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