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Weight watchers bread

weight5 watchers bread

Hi all, i wonder if u can help me, i think i know the answer but hopefully im wrong. The only bread i could buy this week was weight wtchers danish white, can i have 2 slices as a healthy extra??????? please say yes??? x x x
rather randomly you can have 2 slices of nimble white bread as a HExB but when it comes to WW it only says the brown ones hmmmmmmmm dilemma decisions decisons personally if it was the only bread I had I would have it and only use 2 slices but thats me
weight watchers suckk ggggrrrr....... never mind, i suppose i better syn them. 2.5 syns a slice!! so ive had 10 syns now hhhhmmph : ( im staying away from the bread!
aha but the upside is you still have a HExB left so if your on a green day thats a bit more meat or on a red day a few more spuds YAY!


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The book has WW White Danish Bread, 400g sliced loaf, 1 slice 2.5 syns on both red and green. It doesn't have the HE next to it indicating it's a Healthy Extra... Soz! :(
I LOVE the WW wholemeal thick sliced bread. It's smaller pieces but thick slices so it's substantial. 2 slices for a HEX B. I like it because it's not all airy like some of the others.


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I asked my consultant the other week if I can use best of both as a hex and he said no the only bread I can use that is white is Nimble danish and WW danish. Now thats what I use and its never done me any harm.


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Hi Tracie, sorry the only white bread on the list is Nimble white. xxx Loobylou
ahhhh poo x thanx chix x

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