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Discussion in 'Weight Watchers' started by Smirky, 2 November 2009 Social URL.

  1. Smirky

    Smirky Gold Member

    Was just wondering who was on this plan, and is it better for weight loss then the points plan?

    I've tried to read a little into it, but not too sure i understand, you get to eat whatever is on the core plan as much as you like? then have 21 points for treats? Not sure how this works? :confused: I'm a little slow and confused lol, I want to try and cut out the carbs i eat because i feel that it's the carbs which may be slowing down my weight loss? Thought i may give it a go, but was wondering how people feel about it? and if it's as good as a plan than the points one?

    Thank you! :)
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  3. blackwidow

    blackwidow Gold Member

    Core is cutting all processed foods out, so you're quite fussy arent you Smirky - wouldnt recommend it as its pretty much going back to basics, cooking everything from scratch, limiting snacking to fruit and vegetables only..

    i would say instead of Core, you'd be much more suited to limiting your bread intake - 2 slices a day would mean you would have to vary your diet a little more - cereal for breaky if sarnies for lunch or something else for lunch if you're having toast for breakfast x
  4. Less Rotund One

    Less Rotund One Gold Member

    Smirky, I would do as Rach suggests and just cut down on the unrefined carbs - white bread, white rice, white pasta, sugar etc -switch to brown if you haven't already.

    I felt loads better and much less bloaty when I don't eat as many carbs. Also, spending points on protein tends to fill you up for longer.
  5. Smirky

    Smirky Gold Member

    Yeh I'm majorly fussy the only meat i eat is chicken ahem :( some days i go without having bread at all, that's fine it's the crisps i tend to have a packet each day, and I've brought those pink and white waffer things, and flumps etc, and although i only have one a day and they are 0.5 each i feel bad. I have the points for them, but i just feel like I'm bloated all the time. Only veg i tend to have is peas and sweetcorn... to typically the worst two for you! And i love to have chips / potato with mainly each meal. I know when i post up my food for the day on here it seems ok, but i dunno just don't feel happy with what I'm eating :confused:

    I only eat wholemeal bread anyway, and i very rarely eat rice / pasta :( I hardly have any suger, only drink water, sometimes as a treat i have snack sized maltesers and that's it, but i still feel bloated, don't know what to do.

    Thank you both for you help though with the core plan!! I might try it after Christmas or something see how it goes until then on the points plan
  6. Less Rotund One

    Less Rotund One Gold Member

    blimey - don't know what to suggest then....xx
  7. Smirky

    Smirky Gold Member

    That's what I'm feeling down about, i feel like i do everything right.

    I'm not the greatest of people for getting up early so i wake about 10am, have breakfast at 10:30, then wait between 2:30 / 3:30 to have lunch, and eat dinner between 7:30 / 8:30.

    My concern is that I'm not eating enough calories and because of that then the weight I'm losing is just storing as fat anyway and not coming off, but i don't know what to do about that, because I'm just sticking to the points. :confused: :(

    TRISTAR Silver Member

    Hiya Smirky. I'm like you, fussy and only eat chicken out of the meats. Looking at what you eat, wholemeal bread if you have to have it etc. Sounds to me like you are doing the right thing. Have you checked you don't have any intolerances or IBS? I have an intolerance to wheat, and wheat really is in so much more than just bread. It's even in gravy granules.
  9. blackwidow

    blackwidow Gold Member

    try eating more fibre? get yourself a fibre supplement maybe and see if that helps your bloatedness x
  10. Smirky

    Smirky Gold Member

    How would i find out if i did have a intolerance? Thank you for this i never thought about it before! How do you work it out though? Do you have to check everything in case wheat is in it? Thanks again :)

    What's classed as fibre? Sorry i'm hopeless at times, can i get supplements in local supermarkets? thank you :)

    I think what I'm going to do is try and find foods which have more calories, but still low points and see if it is the calorie in take being too low maybe? In my food diaries I'll write down the calories too, hopefully that will help also

    thanks again both of you really appreciate it :)
  11. blackwidow

    blackwidow Gold Member

    yep you can - you can get tasteless powders and gels that you mix into drinks / food - cant think what mines called so i will let you know when I get home as to what its called :)
  12. Smirky

    Smirky Gold Member

    Excellent thank you!! :) hopefully that will do the trick :) xx
  13. omnomnom

    omnomnom The mother flippin'

    I sometimes take fibre tablets.. fibresure I think. Got it from Tesco :)

    I wouldn't worry too much about what you're eating if you're sticking to the points. I haven't seen your diary yet but you've lost 11lbs so it must be working for you? If it's not broken don't fix it :) I work part time at McDonalds and managed to lose weight even when I was working there everyday (free meal each shift) so I don't think it really matters as long as your points are fine! Plus chicken is not only the yummiest meat (fact! ;)) it's the better for you and lower in points than red meat, so don't worry about that either!
  14. fitz

    fitz Lovin it !!! :)

    As the others have said - you ARE losing weight so must be doing something right.

    WW is a great plan in that you can choose what you eat to fill your daily points allowance. Obv - healthier choices are more beneficial but I find I am bloated most of the time when eating healthily & I cook all my meals from scratch - never buy ding ding meals & eat at least 5 a day fruit/veg & drink 2 litres still water a day !!!! My losses are never huge but y'know what - recommended is 1-2lb a week and the way I see it - any loss a week is good as it is going down & being healthy thats the most important for long term benefits.

    Stick with it - our bodies can sometimes take ages to get used to things so I'm sure in time it will settle xx
  15. Smirky

    Smirky Gold Member

    I've got a tesco just up the road, so i'll go and have a look for those tomorrow, thank you :) I know i've lost 11lbs and i'm honestly really happy with that, i just don't feel a difference, and because of that it gets me down, but like everyone on here has said it will show eventually! When i least expect it :) I am glad i only like chicken and not red meat! hehe :D just limits things i have due to being majorly fussy, like i hate all seafood / fish.. but yet it's really good for you! Typical lol :p

    Oh maybe that's just the way it is then, i thought i was bloated because i was eating wrongly? ... I only usually got bloated after eating junk and rubbish... but now i have 5 fruits a day, try to get some veg in too and aim for at least 1.5 liters of water a day, but yet still feel majorly bloated all the time, is that normal? :confused:

    You are right i know at least the weight is coming off and steadily so it will stay off, just feeling low about it at the moment, thank you though :) everyone's motivation is keeping me going xx
  16. wilyn 205

    wilyn 205 Full Member

    :devilangel::devilangel:hi all been reading this post and found it very helpful
    I HAVE been thinking of doing core /simply filling as been struggling for afew wks keep toying with the same few IBS LOSING and putting it on like been on aseesaw:eek: been abit embrassed ,and not been to group my leader has emailed me have replyed have mentioned aout core said can have aleaflet if I want one ,also just found out got I b s thought for awhile I had by my symtoms she suggested to cut carbs bread is 1 of my weaknesses thanks guys
    lyn x;)
  17. Smirky

    Smirky Gold Member

    Glad the thread has helped! Good Luck! Definitely think the carbs are evil! Got to try and cut them out a lot myself :( damn things! Stick with it though! Can do it!! :) xx
  18. *Shanny*

    *Shanny* Gold Member

    Hi i loveeeeee the core plan when ever i do it i would loose between 2-3 lbs a week but on points 0.5- 1.5 lbs a week.!

    It's just that i find the same foods boring but will start core again now till christmas.x

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