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Weight Watchers to the Rescue? Dawn's final lap.

Hi Everyone

I joined Minimins in October last year as I had my 40th birthday and started CD.

I successfully lost 3 stone (the first 2 1/2 a doddle, the last 1/2 VERY hard work).

I've now been battling with the last 1/2 stone for WEEKS!

I'm not sticking to anything properly and having far too many treat days and hardly exercising.

This week is the start of my finish now :D

My plan is to have (Monday - Friday) 18 points a day, no saving any and carrying over or 'borrowing'. I will exercise and earn bonus points every day (Monday - Friday) - but not use them, then at the weekends I will relax and enjoy my food, not counting points and not pushing myself to exercise. I will not however be silly and have lots of takeaways and chocolate etc

Now this may not work BUT everything else I've done for the last few weeks hasn't worked and I feel this is a fairly good plan for me to follow.

Will I get told off if I post my morning weight every day :D

The thing is I do it anyway so what the hell I'm going to post it along with everything that passes my lips :eek:

I've done WW before so I know what to expect, at the moment I'm not going to attend a meeting but if I can find my old Gold Member card I may start going back if I feel I need some extra help. Saying that I can't see the help and support at a WW meeting being better than we get on here.
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Monday 28th April

9st 5lb

Bran flakes and skimmed milk (2)
grapes (.5)
pineapple (.5)
ham salad sandwich (4)
M L yogurt (1.5)
Chicken and bacon stir fry with cashew nuts and sweet chilli sauce (5.5)
Mini milk ice lolly (1)
5 almonds (1)
mini crunchie (1.5)
milky coffee (.5)

Total points 18

walked to work and back, 20 minutes each way, downhill one way, uphill the other
Tuesday 29th April

9st 3lb

40g Branflakes (2)
1/4 pint skimmed milk (.5)
50 g grapes (.5)

babybel (1.5)
50g grapes (.5)

Tuna mayo sandwich with cucumber, onion and red pepper (4)
M L yogurt (1.5)

apple (.5)
snack a jack (.5)

Weight Watchers Taste Temptations Salmon and Hoki (7)
Extra broccoli (0)

Total points 18.5

Walk to and from work (total 40 mins)
Walk in lunchbreak (20 mins)
Toning tables (1 hour)
Wednesday 30th April

9st 2lb

.5 pint skimmed milk (1)

2 Shredded Wheat (2)

apple (.5)
snack a jack (.5)

egg mayo sandwich (4.5)
pineapple (.5)

M.L yogurt (1.5)
5 almonds (1)

Beans on toast with scraping of butter (5.5)

WW choc chip cookies (1.5)

Total points 18.5

20 minute walk to work only :(


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Thursday 30th April

9st 2lb

1/4 pint semi skimmed milk (1)

Banana (1.5)
WW pear and vanilla yogurt (1)
5 almonds (1)

apple (.5)
caramel snack a jack (.5)

tuna sandwich on milk roll bread (2)
frazzles (1)
ww red fruit cheesecake yogurt (1)

pineapple (.5)
tbsp raisins (1)
10 cashews (1)

ww ham and pineapple pizza (3.5)
green salad and cherry tomatoes (0)

6 melba toast (1)
31g boursin light (1)
3 seafood sticks (.5)

Total 18 points

walk to and from work 40 mins total
lunchtime walk 20 mins

I feel like I've done nothing but eat today :D

I've got a wedding night do tomorrow and want to have 2 or 3 glasses of wine so need to keep my food points low which is going to be a bit of a challenge as I'm out for lunch with a friend too. I considered swapping tomorrow to a 'day off' instead of Saturday or Sunday but got 2 very social days at the weekend so I prefer to be strict tomorrow


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Friday 2nd May

9st 2lbs

Well tonight I have a wedding night do so I planned my food points quite low to allow me 3 glasses of wine in the evening. How did I do :eek:

Mixed fruit (1)

Snack (friend round for coffee)
DeLightful apple slice (1.5)

Lunch (out with a friend)
Chicken Caeser Salad (6?)
Garlic bread :eek: oops that wasn't in todays plan

Tea (try and pull back a bit)
Sweet potato, leek and tomato soup (1.5)
6 melba toast (1)
31g boursin light (1)

Evening - I don't know how I dare write this down :eek:
3 glasses of red wine (one of them large)
3 Baileys
1 turkey sandwich
1 beef sandwich
1 ham sandwich
1 piece of quiche
1 piece of pizza
1 beef patty
1 salmon patty
potato wedges
sausage and cheese on a stick
3 pieces of wedding cake


It's no wonder I was a fat person

After such a horrendous day I've decided the only thing to do is consider today as an 'off diet' day in place of tomorrow, I will count points tomorrow


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Saturday 3rd May

9st 2lb (how I haven't put on after last night I don't know)

1 slice of morning roll (.5)
teaspoon of reduced sugar jam (.5)

Savoury scrambled egg (6)
1.5 slices toast (2)
butter (2)

WW quiche (6)
carrots and broccoli (0)

1 vodka and diet coke (1)

Total points 18


Full Member
Thanks Mandy

the weight's I'm posting are first thing in the morning naked weights BTW so in reality still no real progress, I'll get there though (eventually)
Sunday 4th May

9st 2lb

Today is my 2nd day 'off' this week but I'd promised myself I would still be sensible, unfortunately from the minute I got up I lost all reasoning and the day went downhill at a 100mph. I'm really disappointed in myself as I've lost 3lb this week, even with the party food and alcohol on Friday, after today I'm sure I'll have blown it for any weight loss this week, it's a week tomorrow since I started so we'll see :eek:

I'm being very brave posting what I've eaten today and contemplated not putting it down but it will help me to look back and remember how easy it is to sabotage good work already done, here goes;

McDonalds double bacon and egg mcmuffin
hash brown

Lunch (Dad's 70th birthday celebration)
Steak and kidney cobbler
new potatoes
cheesy garlic bread
sticky chocolate and pear pudding with custard

bowl of cornflakes and semi skimmed milk

3 slices of home made bread with utterly butterly and honey

beef curry and egg fried rice


Glass of Baileys

No exercise
virtually no water

By the time I went to bed I felt rough, regretting what I'd eaten and feeling tired and lethargic.

I don't deserve to have lost any weight this week but I am still going to try the same plan (Monday - Friday 18 points and exercise) with Saturday and Sunday 'off'. If it goes to pot again next weekend like this one obviously I need to rethink and probably try just 1 day 'off'
Monday 5th May

9st 5lb

I knew it, all last weeks good work blown! so no loss this week :(

Back on track today though :D

2 shredded wheat (2)
1/4 pint semi skimmed milk (1)

apple slice (1.5)

soup (1.5)
melba toast and boursin (2)
ww desert yogurt (1)

150g pasta (2)
ww bolognaise sauce (3)
yogurt and fruit (1.5)

3 crabsticks (.5)
2 ww rasberry and white choc biscuits (1.5)
1/4 pint skimmed milk (in coffee's) (.5)

4 pints of water

total points (18)

did around 4 miles of walking, dug out my bonus buddy pedometer and clocked up 1 bonus point

lets hope the rest of this week goes as well
Tuesday 6th May

9st 5lb

scotch pancake (1)
tsp reduced sugar jam (.5)
30g Special K (1.5)
.5 pt skimmed milk (1)

2 satsumas (.5)

Sweet potato, leek and tomato soup (1.5)

snack a jack (.5)

2 boiled potatoes (1)
chicken breast (2.5)
slice of bacon (1.5)
curly kale (0)

3 crabsticks (.5)

White choc cookie (5)

Total 17 points

1 hour toning table
3.5 miles walking

3.5 pints of water
Wednesday 7th May

9st 3lb

Ok, well today should have gone ok but I went to a friend's for a coffee and a natter and she'd got us both a big cream doughnut :eek: Now I know I should have said 'No' and I really did at first but she looked so hurt as she'd gone out for them especially that I just had to eat it :D I then had to replan my day and the points I had left for the day were so low I was starving in the evening and just started eating everything in sight, I stopped recording what I was eating but I'll try and remember

50g Special K (2.5)
.5 pint skimmed milk (.5)

jam and cream doughnut (???)

fruit salad (1)

snack a jack (.5)
ww desert yogurt (1)

ww quiche (5.5)
green salad and tomatoes (0)
tesco H.L date and walnut cake (1)

ok, so if I'd stopped there the doughnut probably wouldn't have done too much damage :eek:

But I didn't!
4 scotch pancakes with butter
wholemeal bun toasted with butter and jam
2 glasses of red wine

I think that's it, it's all I can remember anyway, but may not be accurate

Total points ?????????

walked 3.5 miles
not much water

swam 30 lengths (a little bit of redemption there) 1.5 bonus points
Thursday 8th May

9st 3lb

WW yogurt and fruit (1.5)

banana 2

Tuna mayo bun (4)
veg soup (1)

ML yogurt and fruit (2)

Chicken (2.5)
pasta bake (4)
salad (0)

3 seafood sticks (.5)
6 melba toast (1)
boursin light (1)

Total 19.5

Walked 4 miles earned 1 bonus point

not sure about water, drank plenty through the day at work but from a small plastic cup

I know I've gone a bit over today but I was really hungry in the evening and proud of myself for not giving in to the demon chocolate, biscuits etc and just having a fairly 'good' snack
9th, 10th and 11th May

Ok, where did those days go?

Friday is a bit of a blur, I've tracked up to my evening meal which came to a whopping 20.5 but I have hazy memories of something going wrong in the evening :confused:
I was 9st 3lb in the morning and did around 4 miles walking which got me to 'healthy' on the bonus buddy but no bonus point

Saturday I didn't weigh myself :eek: must be first time in ages, it's like a ritual for me. Although I had got up at 3:15am to get my son up for doing a 40 mile (Keswick to Barrow) sponsored walk as he had to be at his collection point for 4am then when I got home and when back to bed it took me a while to get back to sleep so was a bit bleary eyed when I got up for the day. I didn't wear the bonus boddy and didn't count points at all. When my son got in from his walk he wanted pizza hut for tea so I had to join in, plus half a bottle of red wine.

Sunday - 9st 4lb
eek, hope it doesn't go up again or i'm back to where I was at the start 2 weeks ago, I feel like I'm going round in circles and really need to address what i'm doing at the weekends. No bonus buddy, not much water, rest of bottle of wine, I could go on but I'm getting depressed :rolleyes:

If I could sleep through my weekends I'd probably be ok
Monday 12th May

9st 4lb

30g Bran flakes (1.5)
.25 pint semi skimmed milk (1)

banana (2)

green leaf salad and cherry tomatoes (0)
slice of mango chopped (.5)
80g tinned red salmon (3)
sprinkling of feta cheese (1.5)

caramel snack a jack (.5)
ww citrus yogurt (.5)

ww pasta bake (5.5)
ww biscuits (1.5)


4 crumpets (4)
tsp honey (1)
tsp margarine (1)
ww yogurt (1)

Total points 24.5

walked over 4 miles - 1 bonus point

I'm very disappointed in tonight BUT i know where I went wrong, I was lazy when I got in from work and just did a ready meal with no added veg SO I quickly became hungry in the evening and went way over the 18 points. HOWEVER I'm not going to beat myself up, 24 points is the amount I need to stay the same so hopefully not too much damage done, plus I know now if I'm going to have a ready meal I MUST add plenty of filling free veg
9st 2lb

well I'm not sure how that happened or if I deserve a 2lb loss after last night but I'm not complaining :D

30g Special K (1.5)
1/4 pint skimmed milk (.5)

ww choc chip biscuits (1.5)

green salad and cherry tomatoes (0)
hard boiled egg (1.5)
3 slices wafer thin ham (1.5)
ww desert yogurt (1)

ww citrus yogurt (.5)
apple (.5)

3 fish fingers (3)
bun (2)
scraping margarine (1)

Total so far 14.5
I kept it low so I could have a little treat as I was going to the cinema with my son, a very rare occasion as he's 17 and doesn't really do that sort of thing with his mum anymore :D

HOWEVER, this is when old 'stupid reasoning' came in. Because it was such a treat for me going out with my son I thought I 'deserved a treat' :rolleyes: and got a family bag of revels and a box of popcorn :eek: I just haven't got it at all have I!

Don't give up Dawn, dig deep...you have done so fabulously well losing 41lbs...only 5lbs to go...you can do it. x x x
Thank you so much for the encouragement Gaynor, after tonight when I really did think I might as well just give up it was nice to see someone was there for me. It's given me the incentive to dust myself off, look at it as a 1 off (going to the cinema with my 17 year old son most definitely was a 1 off!) and get back on track.
Tuesday 20th May

9st 3lb

Well I didn't exactly disappear off the face of the earth but I did start to struggle big time.

For the past few days I haven't counted points and feel I have spiralled a bit out of control. I was scared to stand on the scales as I have had quite a few very 'naughty' moments.

I was pleasantly surprised when I stood on the scales today to see I'm still around the same as when I started so I'm thinking maybe just to give 'dieting' a rest, weigh myself once a week and not get so obsessed, maybe the weight will just come off slowly without me trying too hard, maybe this is just the weight I'm meant to be now

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