Weightloss and night sweats!!


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Was just wondering if anyone else has been suffering with night sweats after weightloss?

I have lost 5 1/2 stone with LL and started management at the end of may.
since aboput mid july i have been suffering from really bad night sweats, i wake up soaking wet with my clothes (if i am wearing any ) stuck to me or if naked then a pool of sweat on my breast bone. I dont feel hot just wet!!!

it never happens in the day time and infact most of the time I am on the chilly side, I have spoken to my GP who checked to see if it could be a side affect of my MIrena coil ( its not).!!

He is of the opinion that it is due to my dramatic weightloss and that before, as in all obese women I had a lot more oestrogen in my body , as oestrogen is produced in fat ( or something like that!!) anyway thats why obese women have a higher incidence of female related cancers, breast, uterine etc ( and so infact do Men, breast cancer).
He says as i have less fat my levels have dropped, not to an abnormal level (as in the menopause ) but to a level that my body is having to adjust too.

Has anyone else had this ?
Does anyone else know anything about this?

All answers and opinions welcome please ( costing me a fortune in washing powder!!!)

He has suggested that i could try some natural phyto-oestrogens, like black co-osh and include some soya in my diet, but do already have a fair bit but am going to try to have a bit more.
Am def going to try the blach co osh.
Hi Heidi,

Karion dieting mentioned she has night sweats but she puts this down to the menopause:eek:

I have gone through the menopause and have lost six stone and three more stone to go and I am just cold, ...never really noticed the change as they call it.

When I thought I might of being going through the menopause my own doctor told me that they only way they could tell if they had a base line of what my hormone levels were and to work from and then compare this in a few months again.

It did show that my estrogen levels were falling.

Sorry I can not be more of a help.

Love Mini xxx
OMG Heidi i couldn't believe it when i saw this thread - i wake up every morning like someone has given me a curly perm in my sleep!! I have naturally wavy hair that i always straighten but i sweat so much in my sleep i wake up with curly hair!!!

I thought it was my bedding, i get so hot at night but when i take the covers off i'm freezing!!

Very very weird!!!!! I've never been a sweaty person so this has been bugging me for a few months now!!!
Hi Heidi,

Karion dieting mentioned she has night sweats but she puts this down to the menopause:eek:

Yeah, night sweats, day sweats, no periods which had become very far and few pre diet.

Doctor put it down to the menopause. Since finishing the diet, the flushes are less, periods haven't returned (haven't had one in about 3 years, but they were iffy for about 5 years before that), so I reckon she was right:) Goody, goody :D

Black cohosh worked for me.
Ann x
glad its not just me then, am off to get black cohosh today as had another sweaty night last night, its yeuch!!!

doctor seems to thinki ts not menopause as i am only 41 and sweats arent all the time and never in the day time!! but if it doesnt inprone i will ask for blood tests to confirm!!
Do you think it burns cals????
Do you think it burns cals????

Not that I noticed:p

BTW, I must have been about 41 when I started getting menopausal symptoms, but it wasn't just night sweats. For me it was the TOTM playing up, so your Dr is probably right :)