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Extra Easy Weightloss Virgin

Good Morning Everybody :)

I'm a weightloss virgin and have just completed my first week using the Slimming World Extra Easy Food Optimising program.

A little bit of info about myself - I'm a 43 year old male semi-professional, married for 22 years with two children and 2 grandchildren.
In recent weeks and months I have been feeling really depressed and unhappy with MYSELF. This is all my fault. The only exercise I was doing was the walk to work and up and down the stairs at home. I would eat 3 'good' meals a day interspersed with sweets, snacks and home baking at every hour of the day.
A couple of my similarly aged friends were recently diagnosed with Lung and Testicular Cancer and it scared the living daylights out of me :(

So, what did I do? I walked into a local Slimming World meeting last week and asked for help. I parted with my £9.95 and sat down for a brief overview of Food Optimisation with an extremely lovely lady. I was then invited to join Image Therapy.
I have to say, a lot of what was being discussed went right over my head and as the meeting passed the half hour mark I was beginning to wonder what I'd let myself in for!

Fast forward a week and my first weigh in - a 9lb loss. I was gobsmacked.
I'm still astounded as to how I lost so much by eating so much! When I was asked to share my 'secret' I honestly couldn't give much feedback other than I hoped I could lose 5lb this week by eating less!

My BMI is 35.8. I am aiming to lose 3 stone within 14 weeks.
I have so many questions relating to what I can and can't eat along with recipe ideas for some of my favourite dishes.

I do hope this is the place for me to find this information and share my experiences along with yours.

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Wow! Congrats on losing 9lbs! That is brilliant. I wish you all the best for the rest of your SW journey. :)
Hello MLP,

Firstly well done for joining SW & huge done on your loss, what a great start :)

You'll find plenty of info, support & encouraging words on here so pop on whenever you can & feel free to ask anything.

You sound very determined, keep us posted with how you do.

L x
Welcome to the forum, MLP, and congrats on a great first week loss! :)
well done on such a great loss, it does take a couple of weeks to get to understand SW, but you must be doing something right with a 9lb loss!
Hello well done on your first weeks loss :) did you find the plan easy in your first week :)
Well, day one was a complete failure as I had nothing in the cupboard/fridge/freezer which was Syn Free hence an 18.5 Syns defecit :confused:
After a quick trip to the Supermarket (and £33 later) I restocked for the next few days and began to plan the following days meals 1 day in advance.
I have made some pretty drastic changes the biggest being fewer cups of white, sugared coffee and no white bread and butter.
I'm not a beer drinker at all so that was one area that I didn't have to suffer!
The online calculator and Syn Database was a godsend, without which I would have been completely lost. I was pleased to receive a personal telephone call from my SW Advisor mid-week where I took the opportunity to ask several stupid questions.
The biggest change for me has been eating so many diiferent varieties of fresh fruit.
I've also eaten couscous for the first time in my life.
I am extremely focused on losing weight and am constantly picturing a leaner me :)
I believe in positive mental attitude and have put my faith into SW to provide me with the group support as I'm doing this solo.
Great stuff, you must be thrilled at such a great loss! :) Take it easy though, it's normal to lose a lot your first week but it then slows down as it's mostly water, food bulk and your body getting used to the new eating plan - a couple of pounds a week is more normal and I wouldn't be planning on losing 3 stone in 14 weeks - it may not be doable, and even if it is it may not be sustainable. Id expect up to six months really, but we're all different so who knows :)

Great to see you've made such a good start though :)
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