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weights/excercises for boobs?!!


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We have a piece of equipment at our gym that does that! You pull down the weights using bars above your head and you can see and feel it working! The only thing you can do is strengthen the muscles behind your breasts to make them more pert and give the appearance of more volume

Use Bio Oil to avoid or repair stretch marks on the tops of them


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thanks i'm sure they've got that in the gym will check it out.. so glad there is something i can do was starting to get worried!!


Don't worry, be happy :)
I was going to say the same as Taz, its the only thing you can do exercise wise. Unfortunatly skin tone will detemine how much our boobs sag after weight loss, but skin always takes a bit of time to catch up with weight loss (especially if its fairly fast).
Also its really important to get a good exercise bra especially if you are doing any execise where they will be 'bouncing'! Plus even your everyday normal bras' will make a difference to how much they sag, if they arnt supported properly then its going to cause problems. As you lose weight try and get a trained professional to tell you your proper bra size, i'm sure places like m&s and la senza have trained staff who can help you with this.:D


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it's a work gym so unsupervised.. and didnt really want to ask a co-worker what's best :)


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just bought a sports bra, was doing rebounding sessions (work out on a mini trampoline) so really needed it. ok so that will help too. good!
went a bit mad on underwear shopping a few months ago, annoying that i cant fill it now, altho i guess thats a good sign... just means i'll have to buy more!
thanks for your suggestions!
This post would interest my girlfriend more then me but wouldn't this also burn fat in this area? I mean are there results where you can see a difference in size but not have boobs that look like pecks or will the build up just push the breast plate out adding volume. I dont know why but I have imagines of women body builders apearing :p. But really this would be a interesting one to be able to explain to my GF also oddly one of my friends from work (who is a girl lol) was asking the same question. Seems to be a hot topic I keep walking into a middle of a convo about or asked directly.

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