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Weightwatchers or slimming world?

Hi, I've just joined Slimming world and although it's really healthy I do miss my Weightwatchers ready meals and particularly a pudding and a little pack of their biscuits most days. I've just done a shopping list for the next few days but I HATE all the food preparation. I confess I've never liked cooking. :mad: Also I can't fit in a dessert in the evening with S W as all my 15 sins have gone. I like certain things every day - I'm in my 60s - like a bit of butter on my toast and a SMALL glass of wine in the evening and by the time my little "syn bits" are added up there's nothing left for a low-fat dessert. I have about 1 and a half stone to lose and I must do it but I think I'm a bit more of a sweet person in the evenings. I belonged to W W before and did really well although I used to get a bit hungry. So I joined S W as you can eat so much free food. But I'm missing their desserts big time and wondered if maybe I'd be better re-joining WW. But now they too have changed their points system so I'm in the dark about that too....Does anyone else on here have a bit of a sweet tooth and can identify with me? I eat healthily - lots of fruit and fish - but it seems I haven't enough syns left to have a low fat pudding anymore. Or a couple of biscuits in the afternoon which were only 1 and half points. With S W the same biscuits are 3 syns!! It's getting towards dinner time and I've got a really healthy dinner ready but that's all I'm allowed. No pudding :cry:Thanks for any input on here, Sarah.
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Cut your losses and go back to WW, it obviously suits you well. They have a free joining offer at the moment too.

The new propoints plan encourages you to eat more fruit and veg and protein and cut back on the carbs a bit, but also gives you an extra weekly allowance that you can spread over all the days if you want that should allow you to have your glass of wine and pudding. All fruit is free too, so that should help with any hunger.

Hi, thank you to all who replied to my previous thread but could you enlighten me one one thing. SW and WW say you can eat as much fruit as you want but on a diet and nutrition science programme the other night a lady on there couldn't lose weight despite eating really healthily and it was discovered it was most likely due to the huge amount of diced fresh fruit she ate everyday for breakfast. And today, in the DailyMail, there's a free WW eating booklet and even there an independent nutritian expert warns to be careful of the amount of fruit cos of the sugar content. So if this is a fact, we cant really eat all the fruit we want can we?? I've cut down on mine for breakfast and just had a banana, two satsumas and an apple. Any views on fruit?
Hi Sarah, I tried to reply to your thread early this morning from my phone, but when I submit my reply it disappeared, very frustrating! I was going to say that I know how you feel about missing a particular plan and I think that sometimes when we find something that works for us we should stick to it. You do sound like a WW girl, I'm actually a SW girl at heart and that's where we differ. I would love to do WW as all my friends do it but for me the points system in place last year always afforded me too much freedom and I run the risk of spending my points unwisely each day and being left hungry in the process. You are right about SW though, if you use up your syn bits during the day then there is nothing left in the evening if you fancy something sweet. Have you spoken to your consultant about how you're feeling restricted on the plan. I've just read your reply about the fruit. I've always been told that I can eat as much fruit as I want on SW and this has always worked for me in the past. However, I've been advised to not chop or cook the fruit as this then changes it from it's natural state. I think it is more likely to then sit and ferment in your stomach rather than be digested. That's why they also suggest that when you eat fruit, you do so in it's raw state and at least 45 minutes before other foods as our bodies struggle to digest both foods at the same time. Therefore, personally I wouldn't eat a banana chopped over cereal anymore just in case there is truth in this. I think it's always a case of trial and error with our own body though, seeing what works for us and what doesn't. I hope this makes sense. Lisa xx
Fruit - again!!

Well when I joined SW last week I was told I could eat as much fruit as I wanted - not smoothies though. Now you say not chopped either....Oh dear I find this all very confusing so I'm going to re-join WW tomorrow and go on their propoints whatever that is!! Thank you for all your replies though as they've helped me make my mind up!! x
I have never been told on SW that too much fruit is bad.

Logically, yes there is sugar in fruit, but how much fruit can you actually sit and eat before your feel full or you've had enough?!

Also, I feel with any diet that if you're not doing something different then you're not going to get different results. So if you were eating butter, biscuits, wine, pudding etc before starting a diet, what makes you think you can still eat it all and lose weight if nothing else has changed?

SW shouldn't be compared to WW in terms in syns and points - they are completely different systems so of course the points and syn values will be completely different. On SW you are allowed less syns than points, because there's so much free food you're allowed instead.

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