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weird huh??

i find this amazing, my normal chubbyish hands have literally been replaced by MUCH thinner hands?!
It's very noticable just looking at them and a ring I bought in November which fitted perfect has been actually falling off(I spent 15mins on my hands and knees in work today looking for it) but it's been happening all day. Also my face looks thinner.
I don't think this is even down to weight loss I think i musta been slightly alergic to something I was eating before or maybe too much salt??
What do you guys think? I find it really odd!!

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Thats brilliant................Seriously I found I cant nip fatty rolls of skin on the top my head no more:D:D:D:D
Wooo!! I feel like my trousers are getting a bit big for me too. But defo think the hand+face thing might be something more than weight loss?
Maybe retaining fluids cos of salt. I really don't know!?



Seeking thinner peace
Sounds like you're in for some great results when next you weigh in.

Sorry about the ring not fitting anymore but I bet you don't mind at all ha!
It seems to be You and Me doing most of the talking tonight Daisy!!!!

My engagement ring that I couldnt get off without soap and water last week can now be easily removed! (Not that I actually want to remove it!)

You probably have lost weight. People have been saying that they can definately see that I have lost weight!

Wooooo hoooooo! Go us!
Yeah I'm in a cahtterbox mood tonight!! Oh maybe it just is weight loss, i just thought it'd be too extreme to be that yet.
Oooo get weighed on Thursday eeeeek REALLY nervious!! I wish I could block my nose to nice smelling foods though!!

This amazed me too......Even though I have put a bit of weight on since being pregnant and coming off the diet, my face and hands are still slim.....and its fab
Hahaha no plus I don't mind the ring not fitting one bit!!
Sure it's a fake Tiffany & co that I got on a side street in Chinatown for like $10!!
Hopefully will one day get a real one for my newly slender hands:):)

That makes 2 chatterboxes then!

I don't get weighed until Friday! That will be 8 days then. Im excited to see the results of all our hard work! You'll be fine. Don't be nervous. If you have stuck to the plan then it will be good news. :D
I've found that my wedding ring and engagement rings now fit my middle fingers (I'm separated so don't need to worry about it anyway lol), so whereas my 'ring fingers' were a size 0 they're now about an L or M. Also if I put my hand flat it looks flat instead of all pudgy and swollen, they're still not slender because I only have small stubby hands but I don't mind that lol! :D
I've stuck 100% despite waking up in the morning thinking I've scoffed the entire insides of McDonnalds - staff included :):)
Food dreams are weird!

Awww thanks everyone!! My weigh in will have to be posponed cos I have to stay late tomorrow and friday:( I might do it early Friday morning or Saturday, which would be better cos it'd be a proper week. My hunger is TOTALLY gone!! I can't believe this and I've soooo much energy today, the opposite of yesterday. Kidney pains gone etc. No bad breath though:( So not too sure if i'm in ketosis or not?? On day 5, should i be?

excellent news! apparently my stomach doesn't stick out as muc,h i haven't really noticed!
Was naughty today, have been off ill and ended up drinking some stock off a stew. Only half a cupful! Don't feel guilty and don't feel like i've cheated. It tasted weird ...........
Well done Daisey, your trousers will be around your ankles before you know it (and maybe in a good way to). Keep up the good work and dont worry about loosing the bling you would need to get more when you are thinner anyway.
To be honest I genuiney didn't put it down to weight loss, I had thoughtit was that I must have been slightly allergic to something I used to eat that caused me to bloat or swell or something, oooo maybe it is just weight loss?!? but could it be, so rapidly?!?
Hahaha (maybe in a good way too) tee hee hee HOPEFULLY!!:)


Let’s do this!! d(*.*)b
Excellent - so not only will we need new wardrobe but also new jewelery!! Complete makeover, I like it! Fantastic that you can notice difference already! I'm desperately tryin to stay away from my scales, want a surprise at the end of week one. Good going everyone!
Well I'm upset. The reason? My new Berghaus jacket my daughter bought me for £140 is getting loose and my best mate has got her eye on it:cry:

One of my workmates said she can tell I'm losing weight because the @rse of my jeans is hanging down:D:D:D


Let’s do this!! d(*.*)b
Prob wouldn't work with jacket but when my mum lost about 3 stone she was able to take some of her 'good' clothes to a dressmaker and she was able to take them in so that they fitted her. And now they look even better on her.

I love the clothes start feelin loose of clothes, it makes me feel like I'm shrinking!

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