Gone, but who cares huh
ok im on the 1200 bit of cd, and its great plenty of food and actually im struggling to eat it all lol, but the weirdest thing for me is i keep forgetting to eat, like this morning i am always in a rush of a morning my son has add and i have to be behind him all the time or he would never get to school so im lucky to get a cup of tea, then i have to scoot out to tesco when i have dropped him and usually do other messages and by the time i get home and shopping unpacked and put away its about 11am and it gets to about now (11.50am) and i realise i havnt eaten, and not only havnt i eaten im not hungry, when pre cd days i could eat for my country in the mornings well anytime to be honest,

my whole way of thinking seems to have changed, food is something i eat to keep me going and not to fullfill any compulsions, yeah i like shopping for my food now and im read labels and make sure im getting low cal/gi/carb etc but when it comes to eating it i forget lmao

I never ever thought i would be the type of person who forgot to eat i have always been a total piglet who adored food this is way too weird lol
Hi Gillian

Perhaps you need to set an alarm to remind you of meal times! LOL

I know what you mean though be careful though because if you get too hungry it is harder to make those wise choices and keep the compulsion at bay.

I have always found that whether I am fat or thin if I am busy I forget to eat and this either has led me to migraines or overeating. It is something I really want to work on now!

Hopefully it won't be an issue for you though and is just a reminder of how far you have come!

Dizzy x
LOL. I've done that a few times post CD too.

Last night for instance. I was happily tucking into my evening Curly wurly and realised that I had forgotten to have dinner:eek:

Not all days are like that though:eek:

Depends how busy I am. Today I'm searching for food, back and forth to the fridge every couple of minutes,
even though I am mind is in the fridge and my body trying to get on with things.

A lot has changed since I realised that going hungry for a few minutes...even an hour, isn't going to kill me:confused: Such a revelation :D

Of course, I rarely go hungry, but it does mean I am free to get on with my life without the constant interruptions of food...just in case...horror of horrors..I might actually get hunger pangs at some time.