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Welcome To The Xenical Food Diary Thread!!!. (PLEASE READ)..

Hey To all the


As you may have noticed this sub forum has now just appeared.. its not a alien on a visit (ooooo scary? haha), its actually a long term addition to the xenical forum..


it's basically a place away from the general and off topic convos where you can post and record your diarys , anything goes really food/exercise/+ general stuff.. anything you wish .. Not only does it help you find it quickly it helps others to follow you easier & give you feedback and support..


The xenical forum has become very busy over the up and coming months so why should we not have our own special place to record diarys??.. i think its kinda kool!!..


Well yeah if your taking Xenical/Ali then by all means post , sorry if your not , i'm sure in your diet/forum theres a place for diary's so just check it out & if not just ask and i'll try and direct you to the right place.. ALL FORUMS ON MINIS are just as great...

So thankyou to Mini and Pierce for creating this sub forum!!

Hope it gets used and is a success

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any questions just ask :)
im sure you will do :) goodluck xx
your very welcome :) and im sure you will do fine , if you need help let us know xx
Hi all newbee here,just started my xenical today may need a few peoples help if possible.Anyway after a rather frightening bad asthma attack while i was under anasetic for a shoulder replacement 7 weeks ago i was seriously told off by the anethatist & told to stop smoking (which i have done & very proud of),ive now been told i need to loose minimum of 3 stone but preferably 5 stone before they can do my operation,im in total agony & need all the help i can get,i would be very gratefull for any info,many thanks steve
Hi im also new to xenical just started it today i am at the moment 17 stone 8lbs but was 22st 8lb and did the slimming world diet for a year to prove to my doctor i deserved the xenical.So he gave it to me last week and i have been researching my food options and did lots of lists and fould out the calorie content of the foods on my list and the fat content as i am only allowed 30g of fat daily while on these tablets so wish me luck as i have still to lose 4 stone.
45g of fat daily is whats allowed max , 15g of fat or less per meal & everything underf 5g of fat per 100g product .. i dont count calories so wouldnt know about that x
Hi this is my first day on xenical 17st 2lb
I just wanted to say how great you have done Piink punkstarr you have really inspired me .
I'll be happy to do half as good as you have .
Hi Blue and welcome (another one from N Ireland, Yay!) Come over to the Xenical section, or post your diary in the Xenical diary section, we are a friendly bunch and we do our best to help each other out on this long journey. Good luck!

KB x
thankyou honey , but you too will do great , stick with us & stick to the plan as best you can , we are here if you need us xx
i only joined today so kinda lost on whereabouts is the best place to be,
im on xenical/low fat diet hoping to lose quite a lot of weight.
im around 17 stone 10 atm and looking to be around 12 in the long run, does anyone have any helpful hints about xenical? thankyou x:)
thankyou :) how do i do my own blog so it shows up in relevant areas? xx
hi guys Just a quick update! I started xenical 3 1/2 weeks ago and I got weighed today and I have lost a stone! I am over the moon! im determined to keep it up! hope everyone is doing well! Rach x
Well done to you ladies- you're inspirational! I'm starting on Orlistat tomorrow and am nervous and excited!

I'm determined to do this for once and for all. I'm going to hang my thin clothes in the wardrobe to inspire me. I'm not going to panic too much about carbs and calories just now. It's all a bit much to take in at the moment.

I made my doc hide my weight from me as I know it will panic me and trigger my bulimia again. I'll go by how I feel and how I look naked!I can hardly bear to look at myself at the mo. She'll be weighing me every month. Eeek :eek: x
Thanks for your kind wishes. First day on Xenical seems ok with no unpleasant side effects! Feelin good and not like I'm on a 'diet'. This is really gonna work for me! Slim by Xmas! :D:D

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