well 1st day done...


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I have managd to get back to ssing 100% and yesterday was my first day, all went ok and felt fine, not too sure about today though lol. I was supposed to get back into it on monday but then got invited out for dinner on tuesday and all went to pot, nevermind we haven't got anything planned lately so should be fine on CD for a while now. Thing is i know that when i have been doing it for a couple of weeks i shall be able to go out and resist things but at the mo its just too hard so looks like i shall be a hermit for a little while. Oh yeah forgot to mention i have my first session at the gym this morning, i am really nervous but am going to bite the bullet and do it, wish me luck lol.

Love Busy XX
Well done! Just keep focussing on your desired outcome, try & make the sole source period that little bit easier - at least that's what I do!

Let us know how you get on at the gym too! I've not braved that scene yet haha.
Hi Busy
Happy for you you got through day 1 :D
Well done you for going to the gym.That is my present when I lose 2 stone.
Im on day 1 today SSING LL.Good luck looking forward to hearing how well your doing