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well and truly fell off the wagon

well this last week has been a carb fest , i was made redundant and my answer was to hit the food :cry::cry::cry:

and lots of it .........:eek:

2 tubes of pringles , wraps ,bread , chips ,cereal , and lots of other rubbish

i now feel yuk ........my tummy is rounder , and i'm generally in a low grouchy mood

tomorrow however is a new day and a new start , need help climbing back on the wagon though guys :)
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Put it behind you,an start a fresh as from tomoro like you said..In the grand scheme of things its just a little hiccup...Good Luck for tomoro...you will be feeling great again by about wednesday x


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Aww I'm sorry about your job hunni, we all have times when we go off track with our eating particularly when things are difficult in other areas of your life.

The important thing is that you havent let it go on too long and are getting back on the wagon. So you'll feel better in no time.

I'm sure you can do it. Good luck x


Yummy mummy to be!
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Sorry to hear about your job GG:( No wonder you had a lil blow out!

Tis Monday though so back on track:)


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That's a shame about your job darling, I hope you find something soon.
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Very sorry to hear about your job.
As for the food, we are all sure you will get back on track in no time.
Good luck.


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Hey GG... I've been off the rails & my weeks not been like yrs. Sorry to hear about yr job, back on track tomorrow.

Me, You & Missy back on it tomorrow. xx
ME TOO (but different diet lol)

GG - do hope you can find something soon. I can tell you fed up by your facebook status's. maybe you could spend every day in the cinema watching eclipse??? ;)


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new job, new tiny ass ;)



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tiny ass? What do you know that we don't then missy. ;)


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atkins knows the secret.....thats why we are all here haha


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Sorry to hear about your job GG. You know that getting back on Atkins will make you feel so much better & confident. Good luck x


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Aw sorry to hear about your job. :(

BUT I think you need to do a bit more self-analysis here - why do you feel the need to comfort-eat (and particularly so many carbs) when you have bad news? :confused:

Food isn't a security blanket, it's just fuel for your body - or at least it shouldn't be a comfort blanket. ;)

You need to find something else to do to take your mind off it and distract you from eating when you have bad news or are having a low-mood day or you're never going to escape from your current fat-trap.

I think you should write yourself a letter. In it, explain what is making you feel bad, explain how you felt before you binged, how you felt while you were eating and how you feel now. Keep it somewhere prominent for now, on the fridge or the cupboard would do!

Next time you feel down and want to reach for food, reach for your letter first and sit down and read it. Give your logical mind time to catch up with your emotions. You may find that the urge to eat passes altogether, but even if you still can't resist eating you hopefully will have had a little thinking time, just enough to make sure that you eat something that's within your plan!

Good luck woth your restart and your jobhunting, I hope you are feeling a bit more positive by now. :)

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