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Well another day messed up!!

Well after my down day yesterday, I ruined my day today yet again when I came home!!!

I was fine all day long then I was walking home told myself I will do my dvd and then have a bar and then in between the BB shows I will have a mousse anyway got in picked up the car keys and drove straight to the supermarket!!

Bought a sandwich thst was 300 cals made a point of looking for a low cal one, and then had some fuirt pastilles and a bag of crisps!!!

Eaten it all and now feel like a big fat pig!!!

I hate myself for doing it!!! Anyway I have decided that trying SS and messing up is making me depressed so am going to 790 for a bit and at least once I can do that 100% can consider moving down to SS. So tomoz is the 1st of the month and going to get back into it!! Havent had a good week since AAM week and in the last 4 weeks have only lost 7 pounds. So need to get going otherwise going to be messing around a lot!!

Do u think I can still get a good loss on weds it I stick to 790 from tomoz?!

Thanks for reading AGAIN guys

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Hiya - well done for deciding to move on to 790 - sounds like that might be a good option for you....

hopefully that'll help you stay on track.....but - hey - don't beat yourself up about what you've already eaten - it's done, over, endof :)

and, as you say, tomorrow is the start of a new month...and a new start for you.....

good luck and keep us posted !


Debz xx
Thanks Debz,
I think I would of well and truly given up if I didin have Minimins to come and moan to!!
I am going to join the Xmas challenge to and hope that will keep me on track!!!
Potentially could only have to be on CD for another 2 and a half months so need to focus!!!!

THanks again
Anna, you know I am always there for you. I think you've made the right decision to go onto 790. Will help you focus more as you won't feel deprived. I know you can do it!! Anytime you need to talk, just text or call...or if you're struggling you know where I am. Think of all your 'fat clothes' on ebay... and how great you felt when you got into your new jeans!! You've come so far and half way to your goal!! I know how hard it can be...but I also know we have both wanted this for a long time... it's been 7 years since we were at school...we can do this together. Then we're due a 'skinny shopping spree' haha

I'm here for you. =o) ♥
Ah thanks hun!!
I know, I have loads of support and I need to remember the reasons im doing this!!
Main one being I dont wana be a fat bride!!! Need to get it shifted for my dress shopping!!!!
Def a skinny shop....... I dont wana be buying anything bigger than a 14 bottom!!!!!!!!!
I shall remember that when im tempted to eat!!!
Heres to a good loss on weds!!

I COMPLETLY understand where you are coming from. I was on week one last one for all of 2 says then we went away. Don't know what I was thinking actually starting before we left but I needed to. Anyway, have been fairly good since my return but I cheated today. I decided I cannot worry about it or I would have eaten more. Tomorrow will be better....a day at at time!
Hiya hun, sorry i've not replied sooner. I think you're being very sensible moving up to 790 rather than packing it all in and hey if i can lose 11lbs in 4 weeks on 1200 plan anyone can hehe :-D You are doing so amazing and you ARE going to look fabulous in your wedding dress. You CAN DO THIS!!!!!!

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