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Well Done!!


Must do it this time
hey sexy!!well done on starting the best diet in the world and welcome to minis,you will feel hungry for about 3 days and then you should be in ketosis.stick with it `cos it does get better hun,dont for get to drink as much water as you can handle as its great for flushing out all the bad stuff!!!
good luck on your cd journey,we are all in the same boat,
elaine x


Must do it this time
meant to say you should expect to lose anything from 6-7lbs upwards,everybody is different so you will just have to wait and see!!!!
Thank you

Thank you so much hun - im sticking to it if it kills me!! hehe!! im so determined!!

Feeling a little muzzy headed but i assume this is normal....

Water is helping and so is black coffee so ill keep going!!

Thank you again... x


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Hey, this is my very first week two started on sunday. Just rememebr to drink loads of water, loads and loads. And if your feeling tired or cranky have a cip of tea or black coffee with some sweetner it will perk you right up. Have to say day 2 was definetly the hardest, I couldnt even smile for some reason, when you get home this evening go out for a light walk for 30-40mins with you walkman and liisten to your fave music, sometimes just getting outside takes your mind off it. I was freaking out on MOnday but my sis who is also on the cambridge and doing really well calmed me down. I weighed myself this morning and im down 6lbs already, they gave me the boost i needed.

Good Luck Girl


is going to loose!
Welcome to the site and congrats on making a great decision. I'm not on CD but have seen many people post great results and I'm sure you will be raving at the first weigh in.

I'm on day 3 of my program and also looking forward to some pleasing results at the end of the week.

Best of Luck, and stay in the zone.

Oh thank you guys - i am ok now i have had my lunch time shake!!

Working until 8pm so that will keep me occupied then straight home for bed!! hehe!!

I am very determined so going to keep it up - thx for all great advice...

Hope you are all doing great??;)

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