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Well - had a very poor week...

Hi there guys...

Just to let you know - I've had a poor poor week... I kinda went off track over the weekend, and it just didn't stop. I should say - I didn't stop! I'm going to get back on it tomorrow and try and keep to it a bit better!!!

Unsure if I'll go for a weigh n as I know what will be waiting...:break_diet:
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We have all done it Brian, just make sure you start again and it should come off fairly quickly, hasn't had time to stick yet!
Bren xx


Carbs are Evil
Join the club Brian, just gota jump back on the wagon I guess x
pah...one week!!!!

induction - clean and green for the next week and youll be fine, its hard to break the habits of a life time mate....c'mon back on the wagon with ya old atkins pals ;)
Brian I did the same yesterday - probably doesn't make you feel better but I did. We're all human. Just move on and remember how well you have done so far :)
What you need to do guys is work out why you went astray and avoid those circumstance in future.
Jim it was a planned day (from long ago) it wasn't because I was tempted by anything. I went and had chinese not lots just one plate (it was a buffet) and then about 5 melon scoops of ice cream (because I couldn't deny myself that chance lol)!!

I even came home and had steak and salad for dinner. I then had a box of malteasers and only ate a quarter of the box...I left the rest for mum in the morning. How I controlled myself I don't know. But I did. :) xx
My god, now that's restraint, you'd be totally ashamed of me at a Chines buffet love. The word pig doesn't even come into it. :)
Aww Jim you arent a pig...I enjoy my food so much too. I could have eaten more if I had a few more hours but I was so stuffed at that point. :)
What you need to do guys is work out why you went astray and avoid those circumstance in future.


bugger i cant give that up lol


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I'm having home made oven chips tomorrow :O:O:O AND a lemon tart slice from M&S!
I will take my punishment with humility! haha
Bren, I notice your sig pics aren't working, neither are mine. Has something changed I wonder?
So can i now, looks like Pierce fixed it.

Thanks Pierce. :)

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