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Well here goes....


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.....went to the chemist today and picked up my first weeks supply of LT, have got a mixture of everything, until i find out what i like and dislike. Im starting it tomorrow, so fingers crossed ill be looking a hot minx for all the do's i have to go to in the next few months.
Ive got a couple of questions if you folk dont mind, regard to drinks, i know its black coffee/tea, p-mint tea, and obviously lots of water, anything else?
Also i get hayfever, i dont take tablets everyday. Before now ive taken Benadryal one a day, will these be ok still or can someone recommend something else, also what painkillers are allowed. Apologies for all the questions, ill shut up now :p

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Hi Nicci!

LT is great I am sure you will be looking like hot hot hot minx very soon!

Sorry i cant help with ur hayfever tablet questions maybe you should ask you chemist just to be sure!

The shakes are all really nice - i like them all more every time i taste them - they def grow on u! I really enjoy them and get excited when the time comes to have one!!! lol

I look forward to hearing about ur LT journey... all the best!



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Hi hun! Good luck for starting on LT tomorrow! I have to take hayfever tablets, i've tried piraton and benedryl and they have never had any effect on my losses. I just try to up my water intake on the days that i take them just incase!xx
I just wanted to wish you good luck for your first day!! Let us know how you get on.
Good luck tomorrow xx


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just to wish you luck with your LT journey xx


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Good Luck nicki! You will love this diet once you start seeing the lbs falling off!!!! My davice for week one is pamper yourself and be a bit more selfish than you normally are and put yourself first for once!


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Awww thanks everyone for your replies. Well have had a strawberry shake and soup so far and i must admit they are ok, having read some of the comments about the soup in previous threads i expected it to taste vile, especially as i cant stand powdered soups, i added some black pepper, and it was palatable. Off to work this evening so going to take a choc shake and some mint tea. Have been busy today working out a little schedule for myself regarding fluid intake, it adds up to about 3 litres excluding the meals does that sound ok?



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Welcome Nicci. You Can Drink Between 4 Pints And 10 Pints Of Water A Day .. And Then The Water Yu Have In Your Shake; However The Shake Water Doesnt Count Towards Your Water Intake As Its Replacing Water You Would Normally Get In You Food Xxx Good Luck And Smile
hi nicci, i am starting tomorrow so let me know how you are doing through out the week... I have only ordered the shakes so i will see how i go, good luck and keep focused

sam x


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